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    B105.L54 C6713 1990
    Corradi Fiumara, Gemma. The other side of language : a philosophy of
    listening. London ; New York : Routledge, 1990.

    B3279.H79 M257 1994
    Macquarrie, John. Heidegger and Christianity : the Hensley Henson lectures,
    1993-94. New York : Continuum, 1994.

    BD331 .G65 1978
    Goodman, Nelson. Ways of worldmaking. Indianapolis, : Hackett Pub. Co.,

    BF637.H4 C65 2010
    The compassionate instinct : the science of human goodness. 1st ed. New
    York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2010.

    BF637.S8 G533 2008
    Gladwell, Malcolm. Outliers : the story of success. 1st ed. New York :
    Little, Brown and Co., 2008.

    BF698.35.O57 E37 2009
    Ehrenreich, Barbara. Bright-sided : how the relentless promotion of
    positive thinking has undermined America. 1st ed. New York :
    Metropolitan Books, 2009.

    BF717 .L33 2009
    L'Abate, Luciano. The Praeger handbook of play across the life cycle : fun
    from infancy to old age. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger/ABC-CLIO, c2009.

    BF1879.T2 H53
    Highwater, Jamake. The language of vision : meditations on myth and
    metaphor. 1st paperback ed. New York : Grove Press, c1994.

    BH301.A94 B38 1994
    Bataille, Georges. The absence of myth : writings on surrealism. London ;
    New York : Verso, c1994.

    BJ46 .N87 1990
    Nussbaum, Martha Craven. Love's knowledge : essays on philosophy and
    literature. New York : Oxford University Press, 1990.

    BJ1251 .N512 1987
    Niebuhr, Reinhold. An interpretation of Christian ethics. San Francisco,
    Calif : HarperSanFrancisco, [1987], c1963.

    BL1220 .B44 1974
    A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Krsna : the supreme personality of
    Godhead : a summary study of Srila Vyasadeva's Srimad-Bhagavatam, tenth
    canto. New York ; Bombay: Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, c1970, 1974 printing.

    BM561 .R43 1998
    Readings in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Upper Saddle River, N.J. :
    Prentice Hall, c1998.

    BM565 .K7613 1992
    Kung, Hans. Judaism : between yesterday and tomorrow. New York : Crossroad,

    BQ4012 .C65 1959
    Conze, Edward. Buddhism, its essence and development. New York, N.Y. :
    Harper & Bros., [1959]

    BQ4570.S48 S74 1990
    Stevens, John. Lust for enlightenment : Buddhism and sex. 1st ed.
    Boston : Shambhala ; [New York] : Distributed in the U.S. by Random House,

    BQ5579 .E83 1989
    The Essential teachings of Buddhism. London : Rider, 1989.

    BR115.J8 N54 1992
    Niebuhr, Reinhold. Love and justice : selections from the shorter writings
    of Reinhold Niebuhr. Louisville, Ky. : Westminster/John Knox Press,
    [1992], c1957.

    BR600 .M4 1966
    Mecham, J. Lloyd. Church and state in Latin America; a history of politico-
    ecclesiastical relations. Rev. ed. Chapel Hill, University of North
    Carolina Press c1966.

    BS2395 .B83 1989
    Bultmann, Rudolf Karl. New Testament and mythology and other basic writings.
    1st pbk. ed. Philadelphia : Fortress Press, 1989, c1984.

    BX4827.N5 D87 1990
    Durkin, Kenneth. Reinhold Niebuhr. Harrisburg, Pa. : Morehouse, 1990.

    CB251 .W44 2009
    Wheatcroft, Andrew. The enemy at the gate : Habsburgs, Ottomans and the
    battle for Europe. New York : Basic Books, 2009, c2008.


    D13 .N44 1967
    The New history : trends in historical research and writing since World War
    II. New York, :Harper & Row, 1967.

    D804.3 .T6313 1996
    Todorov, Tzvetan. Facing the extreme : moral life in the concentration
    camps. 1st Owl Book ed. New York : Holt, 1997, c1996.

    D810.J4 M6884b 1968
    Morse, Arthur D. While six million died : a chronicle of American apathy.
    New York : Ace Pub. Co., 1968.

    DA578 .O79 2009
    Overy, R. J. The twilight years : the paradox of Britain between the wars.
    1st American ed. New York, N.Y. : Viking, c2009.

    DD247.E5 C55 1960
    Clarke, Comer. Eichmann : the man and his crimes. New York : Ballantine,

    DD256.5 .M23 2009b
    MacDonogh, Giles. 1938 : Hitler's gamble. New York : Basic Books, c2009.

    DG311 .O49 2008
    O'Donnell, James Joseph. The ruin of the Roman Empire. 1st ed. New York :
    Ecco, c2008.

    DK262 .S455 1999
    Service, Robert. The Russian revolution, 1900-1927. 3rd ed. New York : St.
    Martin's Press, 1999.

    DS117 .J54 1988
    Johnson, Paul. A history of the Jews. 1st Perennial Library ed. New
    York : Perennial Library, 1988, c1987.

    DS145 .S2713 1995
    Sartre, Jean-Paul. Anti-Semite and Jew. New York : Schocken Books :
    distributed by Pantheon Books, 1995.

    DS371.2 .R367 2001
    Rashid, Ahmed. Taliban : militant Islam, oil, and fundamentalism in Central
    Asia. New Haven : Yale Nota Bene, 2001.

    DS463 .M73 2000
    Moorhouse, Geoffrey. India Britannica : a vivid introduction to the history
    of British India. Chicago, Ill. : Academy Chicago Publishers, 2000

    DS481.G3 M43 1993
    Mehta, Ved. Mahatma Gandhi and his apostles. New Haven : Yale University
    Press, 1993.

    DT83 B78 1964
    Breasted, James Henry. A history of Egypt : from the earliest times to the
    Persian conquest. Bantam classics ed. New York : Bantam Books, 1964.

    E99.Y3 C318 1983
    Castaneda, Carlos. Las ensenanzas de don Juan : una forma yaqui de
    conocimiento. 5a reimpr. Mexico : Fondo de cultura economica, 1983.

    E169.Z8 S974 1986
    Symbolizing America. Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c1986.

    E183.8.M6 G5 1977
    Gilderhus, Mark T. Diplomacy and revolution : U.S.-Mexican relations under
    Wilson and Carranza. Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c1977.

    E185.625 .F354 2009
    Family affair : what It means to be African American today. [Chicago] :
    Bolden, c2009.

    E666 .S84 2009
    Stewart, David O. Impeached : the trial of President Andrew Johnson and the
    fight for Lincoln's legacy. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New
    York : Simon & Schuster, 2009.

    E842.9 .R873 2008
    Russo, Gus. Brothers in arms : the Kennedys, the Castros, and the politics
    of murder. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Bloomsbury USA, 2008.

    F128.9.P8 L4 1966
    Lewis, Oscar. La vida : a Puerto Rican family in the culture of
    poverty--San Juan and New York. New York : Random House, c1966.

    F1030 .P24 1965
    Parkman, Francis. The discovery of the Great West : La Salle. Fifth
    printing. New York : Holt Rinehart and Winston, c1965.

    F1210 .V46 1994
    Verti, Sebastian. Tradiciones mexicanas. 6th ed. Mexico : Editorial Diana,
    1994, c1991.

    F1219.3.A7 S47 2004
    Artes de Mexico. Numero 71. Serpientes del arte contemporaneo. Mexico, D.F.
    : Artes de Mexico y del Mundo, 2004.

    F1219.3.F6 C836 1998
    Scheffler, Lilian. Cuentos y leyendas de Mexico : tradicion oral de grupos
    indigenas y mestizos. Mexico : Panorama Editorial, 1998.

    F1226 .V363 1944
    Vasconcelos, Jose. Breve historia de Mexico. Nueva ed. Mexico, Editorial
    Polis, 1944.

    F1234 .P785 1999
    Poniatowska, Elena. Las soldaderas. 1. ed. Mexico, D.F. : Ediciones Era :
    CONACULTA, INAH, 1999.

    F1234 .V135 1967 v.7
    Valades, Jose C. Historia general de la Revolucion Mexicana. Mexico, M.
    Quesada Brandi, 1963-67.

    F1234.V63 K36 1999
    Katz, Friedrich. Imagenes de Pancho Villa. 1. ed. Mexico, D.F. :
    Ediciones Era : CONACULTA, INAH, 1999.

    F1418 .U715 1990
    United States policy in Latin America : a quarter century of crisis and
    challenge, 1961-1986. Lincoln, Neb. : University of Nebraska Press, 1990,


    G151 .D4 2002
    De Botton, Alain. El arte de viajar. [Madrid] : Taurus, c2002.

    GE195.7 .L56 2006
    Lincoln, Stephen F. Challenged Earth : an overview of humanity's
    stewardship of Earth. London : Imperial College Press ; Singapore ;
    Hackensack, NJ : Distributed by World Scientific Pub., c2006.

    GF86 .S538 2009
    Sherwood, Ben. The survivors club : the secrets and science that could save
    your life. 1st ed. New York : Grand Central Pub., 2009.

    GN308 .C5418 G4 1995
    Clifford, James. Dilemas de la cultura : antropologia, literatura y arte en
    la perspectiva posmoderna. Barcelona : Gedisa, 1995.

    GN479.7 .L4 1981
    Leacock, Eleanor Burke. Myths of male dominance : collected articles on
    women cross-culturally. New York : Monthly Review Press, c1981.

    GN494 .D6 1995
    Douglas, Mary. Purity and danger : an analysis of the concepts of pollution
    and taboo. London ; New York : Routledge, [1995], c1966.

    GN635.I65 B38 1993
    Barth, Fredrik. Balinese worlds. Chicago : University of Chicago Press,

    GV865.B4 B37 2009
    Barra, Allen. Yogi Berra : eternal Yankee. 1st ed. New York : W. W.
    Norton & Co., c2009.

    GV865.C4384 P43 2009
    Pearlman, Jeff. The rocket that fell to earth : Roger Clemens and the rage
    for baseball immortality. 1st ed. New York, NY : HarperCollins, c2009.

    GV865.M38 H57 2010
    Hirsch, James S. Willie Mays : the life, the legend. 1st Scribner
    hardcover ed. New York : Scribner, 2010.

    GV955.5.N35 P53 2009
    Piascik, Andy. Gridiron gauntlet : the story of the men who integrated pro
    football, in their own words. Lanham, Md. : Taylor Trade Pub. :
    Distributed by National Book Network, c2009.

    GV1469.3 .G44 2007
    Gee, James Paul. What video games have to teach us about learning and
    literacy. Rev. and updated ed. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.


    Social Sciences
    HB3722 .R45 2009
    Reinhart, Carmen M. This time is different : eight centuries of financial
    folly. Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2009.

    HD62.5 .S533 2007
    Shepherd, Heather Lee. 101 businesses you can start with less than one
    thousand dollars : for retirees. Ocala, Fla. : Atlantic Pub. Group, c2007.

    HD62.6 .D777 2008
    Drucker, Peter F. The five most important questions you will ever ask about
    your organization. [New ed.]. [New York] : Leader to Leader Institute ;
    San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2008.

    HD8073.P38 D69 2009
    Downey, Kirstin. The woman behind the New Deal : the life of Frances
    Perkins, FDR's Secretary of Labor and his moral conscience. New York :
    Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, c2009.

    HF5382.7 .D4 2010
    De Back, Alan. Get hired in a tough market : insider secrets to find and
    land the job you need now. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2010.

    HF5429.215.U6 L53 2009
    Lichtenstein, Nelson. The retail revolution : how Wal-Mart created a brave
    new world of business. 1st ed. New York : Metropolitan Books, 2009.

    HF5429.215.U6 S54 2009
    Shell, Ellen Ruppel. Cheap : the high cost of discount culture. New York :
    Penguin Press, 2009.

    HG3761 .C65 2009
    Collins, James C. How the mighty fall : and why some companies never give
    in. New York : Collins Business : distributed by HarperCollins Publishers,

    HG3881 .E568 2009
    Epping, Randy Charles. The 21st century economy : a beginner's guide : with
    101 easy-to-learn tools for surviving and thriving in the new global
    marketplace. 1st Vintage Books ed. New York : Vintage Books, c2009.

    HN90.R3 C485 2009
    Churchill, Robert H. To shake their guns in the tyrant's face : libertarian
    political violence and the origins of the militia movement. Ann Arbor :
    University of Michigan Press, c2009.

    HQ76.3.L7 F33 2009
    Faderman, Lillian. Gay L. A. : a history of sexual outlaws, power politics,
    and lipstick lesbians. Berkeley : University of California Press, c2009.

    HQ281 .B38 2007
    Batstone, David B. Not for sale : the return of the global slave trade--
    and how we can fight it. 1st ed. New York : HarperOne, c2007.

    HQ281 .K37 2009
    Kara, Siddharth. Sex trafficking : inside the business of modern slavery.
    New York : Columbia University Press, c2009.

    HQ281 .Z53 2007
    Zhang, Sheldon. Smuggling and trafficking in human beings : all roads lead
    to America. Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, 2007.

    HQ314 .B35 2009
    Bales, Kevin. The slave next door : human trafficking and slavery in
    America today. Berkeley : University of California Press, c2009.

    HQ770.4 .W93 2002
    Wyckoff, Jerry. Discipline without shouting or spanking : practical
    solutions to the most common preschool behavior problems. Minnetonka,
    minn. : Meadowbrook Press ; New York, N.Y. : Distributed by Simon &
    Schuster, c2002.

    HQ1208 .B352 1989 v.2
    Beauvoir, Simone de. El segundo sexo. Mexico : Ediciones Siglo Veinte,

    HQ1240.5.D44 C36 2009
    Cantando, Mary. Leading with CARE : how women around the world are
    inspiring businesses, empowering communities, and creating opportunity.
    1st ed. San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2009.

    HT871 .S49 2009
    Skinner, E. Benjamin. A crime so monstrous : face-to-face with modern-day
    slavery. 1st Free Press trade pbk. ed. New York : Free Press, 2009,

    HV874.82 .C85 2009
    Culberson, Sarah. A princess found. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin's Press,

    HV4537.A4 A68 1988
    Aptekar, Lewis. Street children of Cali. Durham : Duke University Press,

    HV6080 .A728 1992
    Athens, Lonnie H. The creation of dangerous violent criminals. Urbana :
    University of Illinois Press, c1992.

    HV6439.U5 D53 2009
    Diaz, Tom. No boundaries : transnational Latino gangs and American law
    enforcement. Ann Arbor, Mich. : University of Michigan Press, c2009.


    Political Science
    JC421 .K83 2008
    Kurzman, Charles. Democracy denied, 1905-1915 : intellectuals and the fate
    of democracy. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2008.

    JC481 .A74 1969
    Arendt, Hannah. The origins of totalitarianism. New ed., 13th pr.
    Cleveland, Ohio : World Publishing Company, 1969.

    JZ1305 .F75 2009
    Friedman, George. The next 100 years : a forecast for the 21st century.
    1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2009.

    KF9223 .B29 2009
    Bach, Amy. Ordinary injustice : how America holds court. 1st ed. New
    York : Metropolitan Books, c2009.

    KG540 .C65 1968
    Fitzgerald, Gerald E., comp. The constitutions of Latin America. Chicago :
    Regnery, 1968.

    LB1028.5 .D557 2009
    Digital literacies : social learning and classroom practices. Los Angeles :
    Sage, 2009.

    LB1028.5 .F35 2009
    Fee, Kenneth. Delivering e-learning : a complete strategy for design,
    application and assessment. London ; Philadelphia : Kogan Page, 2009.

    LB1029 .B69 2002
    Boylan, Hunter R. What works : research-based practices in developmental
    education. Boone, NC : Continuous Quality Improvement Network with the
    National Center for Developmental Education, Appalachian State University,

    LB1029.S5 A43 2009
    Aldrich, Clark. The complete guide to simulations and serious games : how
    the most valuable content will be created in the age beyond Gutenberg to
    Google. 1st ed. San Francisco : Pfeiffer, c2009.

    LB1050.6 .B75 2010
    Bringing reading research to life. New York : Guilford Press, c2010.

    LB1775.2 .A748 2009
    Armstrong, Coleen. The truth about teaching : what I wish the veterans had
    told me. 1st ed., rev. and updated. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2009.

    LB2342.92 .B37 2009
    McClellan, George S. The handbook of student affairs administration. 3rd
    ed. San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2009.

    LC2781 .W57 2009
    Winkle-Wagner, Rachelle. The unchosen me : race, gender, and identity among
    black women in college. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, c2009.


    ML420.L773 K57 2009
    Kirby, David. Little Richard : the birth of rock 'n' roll. New York :
    Continuum International Publishing Group, 2009.

    ML420.M3313 H46 2006
    Henke, James. Marley legend : an illustrated life of Bob Marley. San
    Francisco : Chronicle Books, c2006.

    ML3918.R37 D47 2008
    Desi rap : hip-hop and South Asian America. Lanham, MD : Lexington Books,

    Fine Arts
    N2540 .M35x 1956
    Masterpieces of painting in Florence : the Uffizi Gallery, the Pitti Gallery,
    the Bargello, the Museum of San Marco, the Medici Museum and the Chapel of
    the Medici Palace, Santa Maria Novella and the Spanish Chapel, the
    Brancacci Chapel. 4th ed. Roma : Turco, c1956.

    NA735.C4 C58 2008
    City by design : an architectural perspective of Chicago. Plano, Tex. :
    Panache Partners, LLC, c2008.

    ND259.K33 H37 1997
    Hardin, Terri. Frida Kahlo : a modern master. New York : Smithmark, 1997.

    ND259.K33 M55 2001
    Milner, Frank. Frida Kahlo. London : PRC Pub., 2001, c1990.

    ND547 .H8 1966
    Hunter, Sam. Modern French painting, 1855-1956. New York : Dell Pub. Co.,
    1966, c1956.

    ND553.G27 P4 1958
    Perruchot, Henri. Gauguin : Tahiti. Paris : Hazan, c1958.

    ND553.M3 W414 1961
    Weelen, Guy. Manet, 1858-1871. Paris : Fernand Hazan, 1961.

    ND813.M5 W42 1960
    Miro, Joan. Miro, 1940-1955. New York, Tudor Pub. Co., 1960.

    ND2638.C4 G94 1979
    Guide to Chicago murals : yesterday and today. [Rev. 2d ed.]. [Chicago] :
    Chicago Council on Fine Arts, c1979.

    NX456.5.S8 A53 1990
    Andrews, Wayne. The surrealist parade. New York, N.Y. : New Directions,


    Language and Literature
    PB36 .S27 1983
    Savignon, Sandra J. Communicative competence : theory and classroom
    practice : texts and contexts in second language learning. Reading, Mass.
    : Addison-Wesley, c1983.

    PC4117 .L57 1975
    Literatura moderna hispanica : an anthology. Skokie, Ill. : National
    Textbook Co., 1975.

    PC4121 .C32 1996
    Caycedo Garner, Lucia. Claro que si! : an integrated skills approach. 3rd
    ed. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., c1996.

    PE1128 .E54 1977
    English for international communication. New York : American Book Co., 1977-

    PG3385 .T825 1989
    Tolstoi, Serge. Les enfants de Tolstoi / Serge Tolstoi ; avant propos du
    professeur Marcel Cadot. Paris : Perrin, c1989.

    PL833.I7 D43 1966
    Mishima, Yukio. Death in midsummer, and other stories. [New York] New
    Directions [1966]

    PL2754.S5 .A15 2009
    Lu, Xun. The real story of Ah-Q and other tales of China : the complete
    fiction of Lu Xun. London ; New York : Penguin, 2009.

    PN98.S46 K7413 1980
    Kristeva, Julia. Desire in language : a semiotic approach to literature and
    art. New York : Columbia University Press, 1980.

    PN501 .R818 1994
    Ruitenbeek, Hendrik Marinus. Psicoanalisis Y Literatura. Mexico : Fondo De
    Cultura Economica, 1994.

    PN1993.5.U6 R64 2009
    Roman, James W. Bigger than blockbusters : movies that defined America.
    Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2009.

    PN2308.F69 A3 2009
    Fox, Michael J. Always looking up : the adventures of an incurable optimist.
    1st ed. New York : Hyperion, c2009.

    PN4874.H454 W38 2008
    Watts, Steven. Mr. Playboy : Hugh Hefner and the American dream. Hoboken,
    N.J. : Wiley, c2008.

    PN6071.W75 W7 1991
    Writers on World War II : an anthology. 1st ed. New York : Knopf, 1991.

    PN6710 .E55 2008
    Ellis, Mark. The everything guide to writing graphic novels : from
    superheroes to manga - all you need to create and sell your graphic works.
    Avon, Mass. : Adams Media ; Newton Abbot : David & Charles [distributor],

    PN6727.S446 M38 2009
    Sikoryak, R. Masterpiece comics. 1st ed. Montreal : Drawn and Quarterly,

    PQ6174.A5 A57 1991
    Antologia de la literatura espanola. Renacimiento y siglo de oro. New
    York : Wiley, c1991.

    PQ7297.P29 T5 1983
    Paz, Octavio. Tiempo nublado. [Barcelona] : Seix Barral, c1983.

    PQ8172 .A73 1985
    Arango L., Manuel Antonio. Gabriel Garcia Marquez y la novela de la
    violencia en Colombia. 1a ed. Mexico : Fondo de Cultura Economica, 1985.

    PQ8180.17.A73 Z718 2009
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    Alfred A. Knopf, 2009, c2008.

    PQ9698.13.O3546 A4513 2002
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    PS153.N5 E53 2009
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    PS617 .B47 2009
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    PS2056 .A68 1971
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    PS3553.H33 S43 2010
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    PS3562.A316 U53 2008
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    2009, c2008.

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    novel. 1st ed. New York : Grand Central Pub., 2009.

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    PS3566.I372 H36 2009
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    New York : Atria Books, 2009.

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    PS3569.P363 L83 2008
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    PS3570.R82 M83 2008
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    ed. New York : Ballantine Books, 2008.

    PS3573.E2164 U68 2009
    Weber, Carl. Up to no good. New York : Kensington Pub. Corp., 2009.

    PS3611.H315 A73 2009
    Khadivi, Laleh. The age of orphans : a novel. 1st U.S. ed. New York :
    Bloomsbury, 2009.

    PT2673.U29234 N5413 1999
    Muller, Herta. Nadirs = (Niederungen). Lincoln : University of Nebraska
    Press, c1999.


    Q171 .O94 2009
    The Oxford book of modern science writing. Oxford : Oxford University Press,

    Q181 .A286 2008
    Adams, Dennis M. Bringing science and mathematics to life for all learners.
    Singapore ; Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, c2008.

    QA76.76.W56 P74 2010
    Preppernau, Joan. Windows 7. Redmond, Wash. : Microsoft Press, c2010.

    QA95 .Y46 2006
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    Angeles : SAGE, 2009.

    QA537 .Y46 2007
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    proofs (TIPs), intellectually challenging games. Singapore : World
    Scientific Pub., c2007.

    QB54 .B37 2006
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    extraterrestrials. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.

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    QE721.2.E85 F67 2009
    For the rock record : geologists on intelligent design. Berkeley :
    University of California Press, c2009.

    QH107 .M263 1997
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    QH360.2 .M55 2009
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