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    Cernan Earth and Space Center

    Genesis: The Story of Earth

    Grade Level: 5th grade and up
    Length: 32 minutes

    Genesis: The Story of Earth, filmed in the C-360 wraparound format, explores the Earth's crust and the science of global plate tectonics. Although regarded by most people as "terra firma" or "solid earth," the ground on which we walk is actually a dynamic, ever-changing surface whose landscapes have drastically changed over eons of time through the process popularly known as continental drift.

    Genesis: The Story of Earth describes the Earth's surface as a collection of irregularly shaped plates, each moving in different directions and interacting in one of several different ways with adjacent plates. Most of the Earth's most dynamic activities, such as earthquakes and volcanoes, occur where plate boundaries meet. Filmed on location in such exotic plate boundaries as Iceland, the Rift Valley of Africa, the Alps, the eastern Mediterranean, and southern California, Genesis: The Story of Earth shows how mountains and islands form, what causes volcanoes and earthquakes and why the continents move over time. It presents a clear, fascinating look at how dynamic the surface of Earth actually is and what consequences this has for people throughout the world.

    A minishow may precede the presentation of this C-360 film. Following Genesis: The Story of Earth is a brief question-and-answer period.