• Greening the Campus Committee

    The Greening the Campus Committee works in collaboration with the Sustainability Center to achieve the goals described below.

    The Triton College Greening the Campus Committee seeks to serve and support the campus and community by promoting Earth literacy, advocating sustainability, and reducing the ecological footprint of Triton College and its District. It is currently co-chaired by Beth Cliffel and Joe Beuchel. For additional information regarding the committee, contact Beth Cliffel at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3017, bethcliffel@triton.edu, or Joe Beuchel at Ext. 3004, josephbeuchel@triton.edu.

    News and Events

    The Greening the Campus Committee has established four goals: Educate, Train, Advocate, and Practice.

    • We will EDUCATE all students about the basics of our ecosystem and human impact on that system.
    • We will TRAIN those who want certificates/degrees in green careers, as well as community members who want to learn the basics of green living in their homes and work places.
    • We will ADVOCATE for sustainable activities and projects.
    • And we will PRACTICE sustainability on our campus.

    Submit Green Tips and Ideas to:
    Joe Beuchel - josephbeuchel@triton.edu.