School of Arts and Sciences
High School (Secondary) Education Certification (Grades 6 - 12)

Students planning to pursue high school certification when they transfer to a four-year school should use the following as a guide for course selection while attending Triton College. 

General Education Core
11 courses (35 - 37 credit hours)
  • Communications
    Three courses (nine credit hours)
    RHT 101, RHT 102, SPE 101
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
    Three courses (nine credit hours)
    PSC 150, HIS 151, and one additional course in this category
  • Humanities & Fine Arts
    Three courses (nine credit hours)
    At least one humanities course
    At least one fine arts course
  • Physical & Life Sciences
    Two courses (eight - 10 credit hours)
    At least one physical science course
    At least one life science course
Students must complete at least one three-hour course in "non-Western or Third-World cultures" either in the Humanities & Fine Arts category or the Social & Behavioral Sciences category. The courses the student can select from are: ART 114 or HIS 156 or HIS 191 or HIS 192 or HUM 165 or PHL 105. 

Additional General Education Core
Five courses (15 - 19 credit hours)
  • Mathematics
    One course (three - five credit hours)
    MAT 101, MAT 102, MAT 124, MAT 131, MAT 134, or MAT 170
  • Physical & Life Sciences
    One additional course (four - five credit hours) will be necessary if the student has less than nine hours in this category
  • Humanities & Fine Arts
    Two courses (six - seven credit hours)
  • RHT
    One other course in this category
  • Health/Physical Development
    One course (two credit hours)
    HTH 104
Professional Education Courses 
Up to four courses (up to nine credit hours)
EDU 200, EDU 204, EDU 205, and EDU 206 or EDU 215

Area of Concentration
up to 15 credit hours