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Internet - Using the RealPlayer

This quick guide will help you learn how to play, save and find all the clips (music, video, and audio) that you want. Please note that the captures used on this tutorial correspond to the Real One Player and your Real Player may look slightly different.

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How do I play a clip?

How do I adjust the volume?

How do I resize RealOne Player?

Can I play media while I work?

Where can I see my most recently played clips?


Play a Clip

Much like a CD Player or VCR, pressing Play will play the last clip listed in the Status Area.

The Status Area is the green bar just below the menus on your RealOne Player. This area lets you know what is currently playing, the audio quality of the sound, and the amount of time elapsed and time to finish for the clip.


To play any clip or track, click the play button located on the left bottom corner.


If you want to play a RealOne Player clip while on the Internet, simply click the appropriate link in your browser. RealOne Player will automatically launch, load the clip, and begin playing.

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Volume Control

Adjusting volume is as simple on RealOne Player as it is on your home stereo.

Find on RealOne Player. The volume control.


Slide the indicator on the bar to the desired volume.

To mute RealOne Player, click on the speaker icon.



You may also adjust the volume through Windows Volume Control (see Windows Help for details). From there, you can control the volume of Wave files specifically, as well as the master volume for your PC. 
Your volume may also be controlled from your PC speakers. Note that some PC speakers do not have volume control. 

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Resize RealOne Player

You can adjust the size of RealOne Player to your choosing, and it will automatically re-proportion what you're viewing. 

  1. Place the cursor over the lower right-hand corner of RealOne Player. 
    The corner will glow and your cursor will turn into a double arrow.
  2. Click and hold the mouse button.
  3. Drag the corner until RealOne Player is the size you wish.


Be aware that some video clips may not let you shrink the image below a certain minimum size.

If your RealOne Player is Maximized (set to take up the whole desktop) you must click in the upper right-hand corner of your Player to Restore it to a manually resizable state.

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Play a Clip While Working

RealOne Player lets you enjoy your favorite music while you work. To play your clips while working just start additional products, such as a word processor, and continue to work. In addtion, RealOne Player can change how it looks to take up less space and make it easier to use while you work:

Select View>Toolbar Mode 
RealOne Player will change so that it only takes up a small portion at the bottom of the screen.


Select Menu>Normal Mode to return to the regular view of your Player. Both option are on the far right of the Player.

The Media Browser (where you directly access My Library, Radio, the Web, and other similar features) will close if it was open, but can be reopened by selecting the Globe on the right of the Toolbar. 

For some processors, it's better not to multitask (do more than one thing at a time) while saving or burning a CD, as data loss may occur. Data loss, will cause sound to skip or be lost during playback.

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Access Your Most Recently Played Clips

RealOne Player offers you a brief history, a list of your most recently used clips, so you can play them again later. (This is similar to the most recently opened documents list in a word processor.)

Click File at the top of RealOne Player. 
In the fourth section of the File menu you will see up to 8 numbered clips and tracks you've played, with the most recently played at the top of the list.

Click the clip you want to play. 

You can enable, disable or clear your history list in Preferences (Tools>Preferences from your menu) in the History section of the General Preferences page.

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