• Learning Communities @ Triton  

    Dear Student,  

    It’s with great pleasure and open heart that Triton College welcomes you to an opportunity to engage and participate in scholarly exchange and applicable knowledge through Triton Learning Communities. You will be working collaboratively with a diverse group of people, growing academically and enriching your life experience. We look forward to your future success and personal achievement as you explore our learning community course offerings.

    Learning Communities combine classes that complement each other and offer you an opportunity to participate in a richer learning experience. The Learning Community classes are linked with a common theme, shared goals and activities. With the same group of students enrolled in the Learning Community classes, students and professors enjoy closer relationships and learning experiences.

    Statistics show that Learning Community participants achieve higher grades and are better prepared for transfer to four-year universities.

    Join a Learning Community and be part of a FUN and rewarding learning experience!




    • If you want to explore your educational requirements and have the college experience of building new learning connections.
    • You can discover the kind of college experience that prepares you for real-world teamwork.
    • Enjoy the experience of being taught by dedicated, innovative professors dedicated to student success.




    • "I felt closer to the teachers and especially the students. I've never had this much interaction with my classmates before!"
    • "I felt in a group not just of teachers and classmates, but of supporters and friends."
    • "If I didn't understand something in one class, we could discuss it in the other class in the learning community."
    • "In our learning community, we had more interaction between teacher-teacher, teacher-classmate, and classmate-classmate. Not only were we a class group, we were also an excellent team of friends!"
    • "I got lots of different points of view from my classmates."
    • “Learning Communities engage students in active learning. You form a bond with your classmates which ultimately leads to great teamwork. More importantly, you share the same motivation and are surrounded by powerful, energetic students.”
    • "Being in a learning community really helped me with my essay writing which gave me more time to learn the material in business class. I would recommend this to anyone ."




    How do I know which Learning Community is right for me?

    Joining a Learning Community

    Before you enroll in a Learning Community (or any class) it is recommended that you visit a counselor in room B100. Counseling services can help you determine your correct placement level in subjects such as English and Math, help you create an education plan, and help you create an appropriate class schedule each semester.

    You need to have fulfilled the prerequisites for both (or all) classes in a Learning Community in order to enroll.


    • If you are a new student, it may be necessary for you to take an assessment test so you can be accurately placed.
    • If you have attended another community college or university in the past, you should contact the Admissions Office.


    Direct questions to learningcommunities@triton.edu