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    MIA/POW Scholarship Grant

    Administered by the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs

    What is it?
    The MIA/POW Scholarship Grant is a grant which, if you qualify, will cover tuition and some fees at all Illinois state-supported colleges, universities, and community colleges. If eligible, a student is given 120 units of credit, equivalent to approximately 4 years of study, towards credit and non-credit, undergraduate and graduate level courses at Illinois state-supported schools. The grant is administered by the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs and is subject to their rules and regulations.

    To qualify a student must:
    Must be a dependent (spouse or child) of a veteran who has been declared by the Department of Defense or U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to be a prisoner of war, missing-in-action, to have died as the result of a service-connected disability or be permanently disabled from service-connected causes with 100% disability.
    The Veteran must be/must have been an IL resident at least within 6 months of entering military service.
    To apply:
    Student must fill out a paper application.
    Mail to: Department of Veterans Affairs, P.O. Box 19432, 833 S. Spring, Springfield, IL 62794-9432.
    Complete the Military Benefits Data Form and return it to the Financial Aid office.

    Now what?
    Correspondence will be sent from the State of IL Veterans Office. Once you receive the letter and the scholarship card, bring copies to the Financial Aid office.

    In order to use your grant you must:
       1. Be enrolled at an Illinois public 2- or 4-year college.
       2. Not be in default on any student loan, nor owe a refund on any state or federal grant.
       3. Maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher.

    After confirming this information, we will be able to pay your account.

    ★ The MIA/POW scholarship does not cover laboratory fees, online course fees, late registration fees, technology fees or auxiliary fees at this time; therefore, be aware these costs will fall to you, the student.

    For more information: www.veterans.illinois.gov/benefits/education.htm
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    Information as of 06/2012