Board of Trustees
Minutes of the Nov. 18, 2008 Regular Board Meeting

Chairman Stephens called the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees to order in the Boardroom at 6:17 p.m. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken.

Present: Mr. Chiappetta, Mr. Gary, Ms. Peluso, Mr. Stam, Mr. Stephens, Ms. Viverito. 

Absent: Mr. Becker (who arrived later), Mrs. Del Giudice.

Mr. Stam made a motion, seconded by Ms. Peluso, to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of Oct. 21, 2008. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously.


Mr. Becker arrived in the Boardroom at 6:22 p.m.

Josh Kause of Elmwood Park discussed problems he sees with the Triton baseball program on and off the field. He mentioned unhealthy activities for the players, players having to drive their own cars to ballgames, swearing by the coach and not knowing who is pitching until twenty minutes before a game. Kause has talked to Coach Torgerson and also Athletic Director McGinnis, and nothing has been resolved. 

Nick Ely of Riverside discussed the Triton baseball program and problems with the team having to do landscaping rather than practice, having to do scouting videos with only a day or two notice and not being allowed batting practice in front of major league scouts. He commented that he’s never been part of a team with such lack of work ethic or discipline. 

Gil Claudio of River Forest discussed the Triton baseball program, noting that he came back to Triton after being in Arizona where he had been working with different scouts and since he’s been at Triton he hasn’t gotten better but worse. He commented that he stopped going to practice because they were not doing anything.

Manuel Pagan of Chicago discussed the Triton baseball program and problems he sees between players and coaches. He commented that he understands working on fields, as that is done at other colleges but cited problems with communication from the coach, such as the coach not getting back to players if they call and the coach saying hurtful things to certain players. Mr. Pagan noted that the team isn’t playing like a family and a pitching coach is needed. 

Joquain Miranda of Chicago discussed the Triton baseball program and problems with the coach saying he’d play everyone an inning or so but then not letting everyone play and then using abusive language if he is questioned. He noted that he went to meet with the coach after this happened, and the coach did apologize to him, but he feels he should have had the chance to play and complained about the language used. 

Michael Gloecklich of Elmwood Park discussed the Triton baseball program and the fact that because of the coach, this is the first time in fifteen years that his son is not playing baseball. He cited the mean comments the coach made all season about players from Elmwood Park, and that Elmwood Park players were sometimes left off the roster. Gloecklich added that his son didn’t get involved in talking to the coach about it so he wouldn’t be benched. He also commented that the coach was coaching players in the summer when he shouldn’t have. 

Vern Hasty of Villa Park discussed the Triton baseball program. He was hired to be pitching coach and saw problems with Coach Torgerson being uncommunicative, players not properly warming up, injuries, players being berated, swearing and players doing field construction. Mr. Hasty commented that he was going to quit numerous times but the players stopped him and begged him not to. He also mentioned a problem he recently found out about with McGinnis calling Harper College about his hiring. 

Michael Ely of Riverside, who is Nick’s father, discussed the Triton baseball program, noting that he has a lot of experience with his four children being in baseball or softball. He described the program as being in shambles because of the way it is run, such as lack of practice and feels the players have lost a lot of opportunities because of this. Ely commented that Triton is a great institution and he knows that the Soccer Team is being honored tonight, and he challenged the Board to investigate and take a look at the program and the coaches. Chairman Stephens replied that the Board will have administration get to the bottom of it. 

Kimberly Edwards of River Forest discussed the Triton baseball program, noting that she has had three sons at Triton, one a player, one former player. She mentioned the lack of warm-ups and the placement of the mound at seventy feet which the coach said would strengthen a pitcher but which Carlos Zambrano said was not proper. Her son hurt his arm and requires surgery and she feels that Triton is responsible. Edwards stated her opinion that Torgerson is not a qualified and up-to-date coach who intimidates players with his language and labeling of certain players.

John Edwards of River Forest discussed the Triton baseball program, noting that he’s spent $27,000 on the baseball program and was going to donate $90,000 but that’s done. As an alumni and taxpayer, he’s embarrassed for what’s being talked about today and the facilities for the program. Edwards stated that he has met with the Coach and Athletic Director because he wanted to come in and help the program and be proud of the facilities and field. He sees a need for change after seeing the conduct and hearing the language and students being intimidated. 

Kevin Kemp of River Forest discussed the Triton baseball program, reporting that he was hired by John and Kimberly Edwards to get input on what could be done to improve the facilities, which he worked on for a month and a half. Prior to getting started on the inside, Coach Torgerson changed the focus to the outside facility and as time went by, he got the impression that what was being done for the players got turned around. Chairman Stephens directed that he wants answers tomorrow why there were people not authorized by the Vice President of Business Services doing work on campus. Kemp continued that it seems to him that there is no program and he made it clear to John Edwards that it didn’t seem right for him to invest so much into a program that doesn’t exist. 

Jeff Berg of Melrose Park discussed the Triton baseball program, noting that he is John Edwards’ business partner so he is familiar with Edwards’ attempts to donate, and that Edwards was told by the coach that this was to be kept under the radar. Berg commented that he is also an alum and feels this has to do with how the whole program and college is perceived, noting that in looking at the prospects for FY 08, he came across grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors, which are also present in the Triton College Baseball mission statement. He also cited violations of baseball gear being worn during the off season. 

Karen Kause of Elmwood Park, who is Josh’s mom, discussed the Triton baseball program, reporting that she has seen swearing, degrading and picking kids out by Coach Torgerson. She has tried emailing and calling the coach, but gets no response. Kause also mentioned that doing work on fields is okay but practice is also needed so the players don’t get hurt. She also noted that parents rearrange their work schedules to attend games to support their children and the team but it’s a problem when she doesn’t know if her son is pitching until twenty minutes before a game. 

Michael Krause of Homewood, whose son is on the team, discussed the Triton baseball program. He noted that when he has had issues with the coach, he goes and talks to him. He believes that what he’s heard tonight is 90 percent hearsay and opinions and doesn’t relate to baseball decisions made by a coach. He feels the placement of the mound is a coach’s decision, and stated that after watching the coach for a year, Torgerson is a professional. Krause commented that players need to deal with things like hurt feelings and he understands that kids at this level can get hurt. He concluded that he hopes the college won’t be influenced by someone who says he won’t give a donation. 

With leave of the Board, Bob Stevens of Chicago was allowed to speak even though he didn’t sign up. Stevens discussed the Triton baseball program, noting that his son graduated from Triton and he learned a lot from Coach Torgerson, and was drafted by the Orioles. He commented that at NIU and at division one, the players work on the fields. 

Chairman Stephens stated the college is concerned with everyone who is part of the campus and wants them to have a positive experience. This is the first he’s heard of this situation and he will direct administration to investigate, and if it is found that there is a situation not tenable for our students, there will be action taken. His concern is that the college do the right thing by the students in the baseball program and stated that the college will objectively look into the issues raised and will address the problems that exist. Stephens stated that there are strict rules about donations to the college and he does not want to diminish the college’s appreciation for anyone’s willingness to help, but that it will not affect the investigation or actions taken. He thanked everyone who spoke for their comments and for caring enough to be here. 

With leave of the Board, Stephens asked that the Soccer Team be brought in now, announcing that they finished second place in the nation. The team entered to Boardroom to a standing ovation. Dean of Student Services Quincy Martin announced that the college is so proud of the Soccer Team for achieving number two in the country. He noted some distinguished accomplishments, including Ben Gomez, Gabe Chavez, Rodrigo Avolos, and David Rodriguez being named to the All-Tournament Team; and Eric Herrera and Ben Gomez being named NJCAA All Americans. In addition, head coach Tom Cholewa was named Region four Coach of the Year. Martin thanked the team for representing Triton so well. Coach Cholewa thanked Athletic Director Harry McGinnis, Harry Torgerson who got the field ready and playable, the guys on the team, and the Triton community. He commented that the team worked hard to come together and they deserve a lot of credit. As a token, the team presented the Board with autographed programs and displayed the trophies. 

Faculty Association President Debra Baker congratulated the Soccer Team on behalf of the faculty. She reported that faculty are busy here in the last few weeks of the semester and things are going well. Ms. Baker noted that the Faculty Association has been successfully working with the vice presidents on various issues such as the Flex Plan and health issues, and she and President Granados have been in communication a lot as well. This is resulting in good relationships as the college heads into Faculty Association contract negotiations next year. Baker expressed that she is looking forward to positive changes under President-Elect Obama. She commented on the recent referendums passed by Harper and Joliet and volunteered that faculty are ready to help if the college goes in that direction. Regarding a referendum, Chairman Stephens commented that with the demographics of the district, many people are maxed out. He added that he notices a change in the feel of the relationships and thinks it should be applauded. 

Mid-Management Association President John Cadero congratulated the Soccer Team for their great accomplishment. He reported that the Mid-Managers are meeting tomorrow regarding the holiday party and are looking forward to the President’s Reception.

Classified Association Secretary Linda Nordstrom agreed that there is an atmosphere of optimism and wished everyone a wonderful holiday on behalf of the Classified Association.

TCSA President Vanessa Cedillo congratulated the Soccer Team. She reported on activities that TCSA is involved in as follows. They are working on a month of giving, with proceeds going to a battered women’s shelter. The E-Board will be attending a conference on Student Leadership in Florida this month. A group of students will be meeting with Ace Catering regarding concerns about cafeteria pricing and hours. 

Finance/Maintenance & Operations

Academic Affairs/Student Services

Executive Director of Professional Development Jonathan Paver gave a presentation about the Tenure Track Professional Development Plan as follows. The objective of the plan is to develop new faculty and support them through the tenure process, including professional development sessions, mentoring, and new faculty resource network. The professional development portion focuses on teaching in the community college environment in year one, with topics such as what Triton students are like, classroom management, and teaching and learning topics. Year two focuses on service, such as committee participation and curriculum development; and year three focuses on scholarship and assessment. Meetings are held with faculty three times a semester, and faculty are also supported online through Blackboard which is used for community building and communication. Paver gave a brief demonstration on Blackboard, showing faculty comments. 

Dean of Arts & Sciences Leslie Roberts reported on the Chairs/Coordinators Retreat which took place last week with the Deans working together with the Chairs and Coordinators to support their leadership and engage them in discussion toward the future. Speakers were brought in regarding topics on becoming a premier learning institution and work was done across areas to develop projects. Faculty member John Augustine, CJA Program Coordinator, reported on what his team developed combining different disciplines. His group was made up of CJA, Health Sports & Exercise Science, and Undergraduate Philosophy, and they developed a theme related to ethics of making better choices through clearer reasoning. They designed a program or a class that would encourage the combination of stress management and mind-body relationship, including student activities and assessment. Dr. Roberts concluded that the feedback received has positive. She noted that the veteran facilitators were complimentary of how well the deans and faculty worked together. 

Director of Grants Development Sherry Burlingame presented the quarterly grant report as follows. Since August, the total allocated from ICCB is $185,150. The P-16 Initiative Grant will not be funded in FY 09 and is not likely to be funded in FY 10; the amount received in FY 08 and used for Dual Credit enrollment was $82,000. During the past quarter, fourteen pre-proposals were submitted for funding requests of $1,880,500; seven applications are under development for grants amounting to $1,666,529; eight grant applications were submitted for an amount of $234,971; six applications are pending outcome notifications in the amount of $129,971; three applications were funded in the amount of $125,784 and two applications were not funded. Dr. Burlingame noted that this is the fourth year of the 5-year Title III award, and programs such as use of learning communities and peer mentoring are being institutionalized. 

President Patricia Granados reported that the travel policy is being looked at through the shared governance process and she hopes to bring recommended changes in the new year, including a recommendation about reimbursement for alcohol. 

Dr. Granados mentioned that a meeting for the districts mayors was held this morning and she will report on that productive meeting next month. 

President Granados thanked everyone involved for their work on the President’s Reception which will be held tomorrow.

Dr. Granados recognized long-time employee and Chief of Police Mike Pendola on his retirement at the end of this month. Lastly, the President wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Chairman Mark Stephens commented in reference to Baker’s mention of President-Elect Obama, that as Americans, everyone should hope he is successful. In more local issues, Stephens reported that a luncheon with legislators was recently held and he thanked the following attendees: Representatives Deborah Graham, Skip Saviano, Karen Yarbrough, Michael McAuliffe, Robert Biggins, and Senator Don Harmon. At the luncheon, Mr. Stephens was vocal about the college’s financial situation, and a tour was given to show the legislators some of the college’s problem areas. Students were also present to help convey the college’s message that the legislators have to do something to help with the situation coming out of Springfield.

Stephens noted that tomorrow is the President’s Reception and he hopes everyone will be there to support the college and the honorees, Mayor Marilynn May of River Grove and Mayor Frank Pasquale of Bellwood. He commented that the partnership the college has in Bellwood sets the model of what can be done in other communities. 

Regarding the citizen participation portion of the meeting, Stephens commented that no one had previously communicated with the Board of Trustees. He feels the Board makes itself accessible and even though Trustees don’t get involved in the day-to-day operations of the college, if there is a situation going on and satisfaction is not reached, he or other Board members should be contacted. 

Chairman Stephens wished everyone a great Thanksgiving.

Presentation of Proposed Tax Levy
Stephens asked if the college has determined the estimated amount of money to be raised by taxation. Vice President of Business Services, Sean Sullivan replied that in accordance with the FY 2009 Budget approved by the Board of Trustees in September, the college is looking to levy 0 percent increase in taxes beyond the extension granted by the county over the 2007 tax year of $22,325,647. Stephens asked if this will require a public hearing, to which Mr. Sullivan responded no, since Triton College is not proposing to levy beyond 105 percent of the 2007 levy. Stephens stated that the Board of Trustees accepts the proposed levy for the 2008 tax year, as presented without increase by the Board over the 2007 extended levy, subject to final review by the Board of Trustees at its regular meeting on Dec. 16, 2008 at 6 p.m. 


Board Policy – First Reading
First Reading – All Board Policies

Board Policy – Second Reading
Student Services 
5731 Permit for Posting Signs, Posters and Banners 
Gary made a motion to enact the revised policy, seconded by Stam. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously.

With leave of the Board, Stephens asked for the Action Exhibits to be taken as a group, including:
14127 Budget Transfers
14128 Blue Cross Blue Shield – Health Benefit Plan 2009 Rates
14129 Temporary Amendment to the Triton College Employee Health Benefit Plan (TA-09-01)
14130 Temporary Amendment to the Triton College Employee Health Benefit Plan (TA-09-02)
14131 Agreement with Third Party Administrators Cobra Rates
14132 Cooperative Agreement with the University of Chicago Medical Center
14133 Clinical Affiliation Agreement with Supervalu Inc.
14134 West Central Municipal Conference (WCMC) ADA Entrance Ramp to Building “N”
14135 Waiver of Facility Rental Fee for Cook County President’s office
14136 College Curriculum Recommendation
14137 Out-of-Radius Travel Requests
14138 Triton College Employee 403(b) Plan and Adoption Agreement
Gary made a motion to approve the Action Exhibits, seconded by Mr. Peluso. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously.

B31.13 Electrical Contractor
Stephens stated that he expects to see a report to the Board of Trustees about how much this is saving the college at the first quarter. Peluso made a motion, seconded by Stam, to approve the Purchasing Schedule. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously.

Peluso made a motion, seconded by Stam, to pay the Bills and Invoices in the amount of $2,085,779.62.

Roll Call Vote:
Affirmative: Becker, Chiappetta, Gary, Peluso, Stam, Viverito, Stephens. 
Absent: Del Giudice.

Motion carried 6-0 with the Student Trustee voting in the affirmative.

Peluso made a motion to go into Closed Session to discuss and consider the hiring, discipline, performance and compensation of certain personnel, matters of collective bargaining, acquisition of real property, and matters of pending, probable or imminent litigation, seconded by Stam. 

Roll Call Vote:
Affirmative: Becker, Chiappetta, Gary, Peluso, Stam, Viverito, Stephens. 
Absent: Del Giudice.

Motion carried 6-0 with the Student Trustee voting in the affirmative. The Board went into Closed Session at 8:33 p.m.

Gary made a motion to return to Open Session, seconded by Peluso. 

Roll Call Vote:
Affirmative: Becker, Chiappetta, Gary,Peluso, Stam, Viverito, Stephens. 
Absent: Del Giudice.

Motion carried 6-0 with the Student Trustee voting in the affirmative. The Board returned to Open Session at 10:25 p.m.


1.0 Faculty
Becker made a motion, seconded by Peluso, to approve page 1 of the Human Resources Report, item 1.1.01. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously.

2.0 Adjunct Faculty
Peluso made a motion, seconded by Stam, to approve pages two and three of the Human Resources Report, items 2.1.01 through 2.7.01. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously.

3.0 Administration
Becker made a motion, seconded by Peluso, to approve page four of the Human Resources Report, item 3.1.01. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously.

4.0 Classified, Police & Engineers
Peluso made a motion, seconded by Gary, to approve pages five and six of the Human Resources Report, items 4.1.01 through 4.3.03. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously.

5.0 Mid-Management
Viverito made a motion, seconded by Gary, to approve page seven of the Human Resources Report, item 5.1.01. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously.

6.0 Hourly Employees
Peluso made a motion, seconded by Chiappetta, to approve pages eight through 10 of the Human Resources Report, items 6.1.01 through 6.3.02. Chiappetta subsequently withdrew his second and the motion was seconded by Stam. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously.

7.0 Other
No action on page 11 of the Human Resources Report.

A motion was made by Peluso to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Stam. Voice vote carried the motion unanimously. Chairman Stephens adjourned the meeting at 10:30 p.m.

Submitted by: 
Mark R. Stephens, Board Chairman
Diane Viverito, Board Secretary