Nuevos Horizontes offers free bilingual workshops

Nuevos Horizontes, Triton College's community center in Melrose Park, is currently offering free bilingual workshops and presentations for students and non-students in the community to learn skills they can utilize in their everyday life.

Workshops include how to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, preparation for the naturalization test, how to use social media for educational, work and communication purposes and more.

Executive Director of Nuevos Horizontes Dr. Luisa Hernandez said the free workshops will educate community members on resources available to them, as well as provide a connection between technology and their everyday lives. "We want to help residents realize how technology can play an essential role in their lives, particularly with their job search, paying bills and getting their education," she said.

The first free workshop begins Jan. 31. All workshops and events will take place at Nuevos Horizontes, 1708 Main St., Melrose Park.

To see the list of upcoming workshops, click here.