Online Training Tutorials 

* Please Note: These tutorials will be updated regularly. This page is far from completion, but please feel free to use the resources we do have posted here. Remember to check back often for new and updated tutorials.
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Special Announcements

If you would like a hands-on Online/WebCT Course Orientation you may contact the ETRC at (708) 456-0300 extension 3361/3039. 

Tutorials - The Basics
Using Audio and Video for Your Online Class 
Using the RealPlayer 
Setting Your Browser's Home Page 
How to Reload or Refresh a Web Page 
Enable JavaScript 
Printing a Web page 
Download and install a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader 
Print pages or the entire document 
For Adobe Acrobat
Navigate through a document 
For Adobe Acrobat
Introduction to Microsoft Word XP 
How to Spell Check in Word 
Converting MS Works documents 
For Microsoft Word
Using Explorer 
For Windows Operating Systems
Introduction to Managing Files 
For Windows Operating Systems
Getting Help 
For Windows Operating Systems
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text 
For Windows Operating Systems

Tutorials - Advanced
How to Scan 
Scanning for the Web or Print? 
TWAIN? What is it? 

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