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    Police Officer - Full Time

    The TRITON COLLEGE POLICE DEPARTMENT accepts applications on an on-going basis. As active eligibility lists expire or become exhausted, a new recruitment cycle begins with applications already on file. One is encouraged to complete the PSAT testing and submit an application at anytime during the year.

    We use a testing process through the Municipal Police and Fire Registry.

    The Registry conducts all the pretesting and you must submit your test score with the application. You can call the Registry at (630) 920-0571 for more information on the testing process and cost.

    Our starting pay is $33,000 per year, effective July 1, 2008. We have good benefits, including paid vacation, sick time, personal time, health insurance (co-payment), educational benefits and relatively stable shift assignments.

    NOTE: A two-year employment contract is required for this position. Contact the Chief of Police for more information about this contract requirement.

    Other current benefits include:
       • Two weeks paid vacation per year
       • Three personal days per year
       • Fifteen sick days per year (may accumulate)
       • Bereavement time available
       • Paid holidays
       • Retirement plan through State Universities Retirement System (SURS)
       • Reduced tuition for all Triton College Classes
       • $1,400.00 per year educational reimbursement - outside of Triton
       • Initial uniforms, cleaning and equipment supplied by the department
       • Uniform reimbursement pay after one year of employment
       • Paid Training

    Contact the Triton College Police Department at (708) 456-6911 to request an application or visit or write us at:
    Triton College Police Department
    2000 North Fifth Avenue
    Building N
    River Grove, IL 60171