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    Public Service Officer - Part Time

    The TRITON COLLEGE POLICE DEPARTMENT accepts applications on an on-going basis. As positions become available, a new recruitment cycle begins with applications already on file. One is encouraged to submit an application at anytime during the year.

    Primary Duties: Assist police officers with non-police related matters, such as securing buildings, assisting citizens, etc.

    Additional Duties: Shall include, but not limited to, monitoring closed circuit television system, operating telecommunication equipment, foot and bicycle patrol.

       • Age 19 or older
       • Physically able to perform job related duties
       • Must possess a valid Illinois driver’s license
       • Able to work rotating shifts as assigned
       • Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D.

    Screening prior to Employment: Criminal background check, oral interview and may be subjected to polygraph and psychological exams.

       • In-district or out-of-district student will receive one class free per semester.
       • Out-of-district student will receive in-district rates for their classes.
       • One also will become familiar with law enforcement employment activities.

    Starting Pay: $10 per hour

    Hours: 24-30 hours per week – Monday through Friday and/or Weekends

    Contact the Triton College Police Department at (708) 456-6911 to request an application or visit or write us at:
    Triton College Police Department
    2000 North Fifth Avenue
    Building N
    River Grove, Il. 60171