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    Cernan Earth and Space Center


    Grade Level: All ages, but best for 3rd grade and up
    Length: 31 minutes

    Seasons is a spectacular C-360 wraparound film that is projected onto the dome screen of the Cernan Earth and Space Center theater. Narrated by William Shatner of Star Trek fame, this film celebrates the beauty of the seasons and illustrates how all living things, including people, orient their lives to the cycle of the seasons.

    In ancient times, people created a universe that (incorrectly) explained the seasons and the apparent movement of the sun through the sky. They assumed our Earth to be fixed in space with the sun in constant motion about us. Only in the last few centuries have people understood that it was the motion of the Earth, not the sun, that caused these daily and seasonal changes in the sky.

    Beginning with spring, Seasons presents a collection of beautifully filmed sequences that depict, in turn, each of the four seasons of the year. Spring is characterized by the return of plant life, contained in seeds that carry the lessons learned from countless seasons past. As the days lengthen, the landscape is quickly transformed from winter desolation to spring flowers. Summer is illustrated through its long, warm days, the proliferation of green plants, plentiful animal life, and our own outdoor recreations and celebrations. Autumn is depicted by colored leaves, Octoberfest celebrations, the harvesting of crops and the migration of birds. In winter, with the landscape encased in a cocoon of white, animal fur thickens to provide greater warmth and often turns white to camouflage the animal against the snowy background. For people, our inventions (snow plows, snow blowers, indoor heating, etc.) have lessened the harshness of winter's grip. Indoor sports arenas, ice sculpturing, and winter ice festivals further attest to the ingenuity of people in adapting to this most difficult season of the year.

    A minishow may precede the presentation of this C-360 film. Following Seasons is a brief question-and-answer period.