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    The Triton College Math Department offers many credit level math courses in an online format. Here is some important information about our online classes:

    • MyMathLab/MyStatLab. All of our credit level online classes utilize Pearson's MyMathLab or MyStatLab. This enables students the lower cost option of purchasing an access code rather than a traditional textbook. Having the code gives you full access to the course materials, including a digital version of the textbook. For more details on MML/MSL, please see our MyMathLab page.
    • Communication. You will likely be communicating directly with your instructor via email. This is critical, because as of Summer 2017, your Triton College email is your primary means of communicating with the college, and that includes your instructor. Many instructors send out detailed information about the course, MyMathLab, login instructions, etc. Students must be sure to check their Triton email. You get a Triton email automatically when you register for any class at Triton. Check that email early and often! If you are not sure about how to access your Triton email account, please click here: My Triton Email
    • Trips to campus. All of our credit level online math courses require two trips to campus; one for a midterm exam and one for a final exam. Both exams are to be taken on campus in the Testing Center's proctored environment. Exams are NOT given online outside of campus, and there are no exceptions to this. Details of this will come from your individual instructor. 
    • Out of Town Students. Students taking online courses who are out of town or not near Triton's main district campus, must make arrangements for live, proctored testing of exams in their area. To do so, you must contact your instructor at the start of the course or earlier. Your instructor will give you the guidance on that process.
    • Deadlines. Our online math courses are all deadline driven. They allow you to work at your own pace, and even work ahead, but within the construct of strict timelines. This is not an independent study format where you simply have to complete everything by the end of the semester. That does not work in mathematics.

    Now, a word about the difficulty level of online mathematics courses. The primary misconception about online math courses is that they are 'easy' since they are online. This is not true at all, and that thinking causes many students to make the wrong choice when it comes to their math courses. The biggest fact students need to understand is that online math courses are harder than face to face versions of the same course. Online courses are more convenient, but certainly not easier. You are getting the trade-off of major convenience for a more challenging level of experience. Students who succeed in online mathematics courses must be highly organized, self-motivated, comfortable with working independently and efficient time managers. A good rule of thumb is expect to dedicate a minimum of 5-10 hours per week in an online math course during the semester. This includes reading chapters, practice exercises, doing homework, utilizing various other resources, taking quizzes and completing other assignments. 

    Ultimately, you, the student know best the type of learner you are. If you feel that you are best suited to be in a classroom, and need a teacher in front of you on a regular basis, then you are probably not going to do well in an online math course. One of the worst reasons to take an online math course is to do so because it 'fits in my schedule' or 'I think it will be easier'. Listen to your instincts, as you are more often correct than not.

    If you have any questions about whether or not to take an online math class, we have several experienced online math instructors. Contact your instructor or Mr. Jablonski with questions.


    Best of luck to those taking the plunge in the online environment! It can certainly be a very rewarding and interesting educational experience!