School of Arts and Sciences
Special Education Certification (Grades PK - 12)

Students planning to pursue high school certification when they transfer to a four-year school should use the following as a guide for course selection while attending Triton College 

General Education Core
11 courses (35 - 37 credit hours)
  • Communications
    Three courses (nine credit hours)
    RHT 101, RHT 102, SPE 101
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
    Three courses (nine credit hours)
    PSC 150, HIS 151, and one additional course in this category
  • Humanities & Fine Arts
    Three courses (nine credit hours)
    At least one humanities course
    At least one fine arts course
  • Physical & Life Sciences
    Two courses (eight - 10 credit hours)
    At least one physical science course
    At least one life science course
Students must complete at least one three-hour course in "non-Western or Third-World cultures" either in the Humanities & Fine Arts category or the Social & Behavioral Sciences category. The courses the student can select from are: ART 114 or HIS 156 or HIS 191 or HIS 192 or HUM 165 or PHL 105. 

Additional General Education Core
Five courses (15 - 19 credit hours)
  • Mathematics
    One additional course (three - five credit hours)
    MAT 101, MAT 102, MAT 124, MAT 131, MAT 134, or MAT 170
  • Physical & Life Sciences
    One additional course (four - five credit hours) will be necessary if the student has less than nine hours in this category
  • Humanities & Fine Arts
    Two courses (six - seven credit hours)
    RHT 112
    One other course in this category
  • Health/Physical Development
    One course (two credit hours)
    HTH 104
Professional Education Courses
Up to 4 courses (0 to 10 credit hours)
EDU 204, EDU 205, EDU 206, and PSY 100 

Additional General Education Core Courses
0 to 14 credit hours