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    Teamwork and Excellence! These core values of Triton College are reflected in joyous song by The Triton Alumni Choir. Seeing and hearing the choir brings recognition of the past and celebration of meaningful connections between former Triton students today. Among the most active as an alumni group, the Triton Alumni Choir has been singing harmoniously with seamless melody for over 30 years.

    The students were participants in Triton’s Music Program which has been widely recognized for its quality, dedicated faculty, and its preparation of students aspiring toward university study, professional careers, community involvement, and personal fulfillment. Students described their music education experience at Triton as engaging and challenging within a supportive and nurturing environment. Opportunities for musical expression included concert choir, choral ensemble, senior choir, and community choir in addition to opera, various theatrical presentations, and special concerts around the world.

    During August 2008, approximately 100 individuals, from near & far, attended the Triton choir reunion. A rehearsal occurred in the Fine Arts Building at Triton in preparation for a choir performance at a local church. The choral leadership is shared with the pianist, director, and lead singer alternating roles during a performance based on the skills required for the varied musical compositions. One of the choir organizers and a 1974 graduate, Barbara (Opsahl) Gaona, commented on the wonderful camaraderie that still exists and the sheer enjoyment of performing together!

    The choir was recently featured at a Triton event hosted by the Cernan Space Center. This summer (July 2009), the alumni choir rendered beautiful music during morning services at two churches located in Melrose Park and River Grove. With great versatility and a wide range of musical style, the Triton Alumni Choir continues to embrace a true sense of community.

    For future events and other Triton Alumni Choir engagements, please contact Barbara (Opsahl) Gaona at 708.453.8459 or ;Dave Molnar by email.

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