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TEAM Evaluation - Mentee


Using the scale below, please respond to the following items.


Numeric Score

5 = Strongly Agree
4 = Agree
3 = Unsure
2 = Disagree
1 = Strongly Disagree
0 = Not Applicable



 * = Required Field
 * 1. My mentor responds in reasonable time (within 24-48 hours) when I express a concern.
 * 2. My mentor provides me with useful information.
 * 3. I have regular interactions with my mentor (at least, twice monthly).
 * 4. My mentor has made an effort to get to know me.
 * 5. I have sought out my mentor for assistance.
 * 6. I have made an effort to get to know my mentor.
 * 7. My mentor demonstrates concern about my academic success.
 * 8. My mentor is knowledgeable about college resources.
 * 9. My mentor is skilled at facilitating discussions. 
 *10. My mentor has a positive attitude.
 * 11.My mentor has kept me informed about upcoming Triton events and activities.
 * 12. Having a mentor helped ease the transition from high school to college.
 * 13. Overall, my mentor has been helpful.
 * 14. I plan to continue my mentoring relationship until I graduate/transfer.
 * 15. I was respectful of my mentor's time (arrived on time to meetings, kept meeting appointments).
 * 16. I utilized my TEAM mentee handbook during the academic year.
 * 17. I would recommend mentoring to other Triton College students.
 * 18. In what ways has having a mentor been beneficial to you?
          (Enter "N/A" if no answer)
 * 19. In what ways has being in the TEAM Program been beneficial to you (i.e. receiving e-mail updates, job opportunities, and assistance from TEAM staff)?
          (Enter "N/A" if no answer)
 * 20. In what way(s) did you contact your mentor? (Check all that apply)
 * 21. How could your mentor have better assisted you?
          (Enter "N/A" if no answer)
 * 22. Are you more aware of campus resources than you were before you communicated with your mentor?
 * 23. Did you attend any TEAM Workshops (i.e Transfer/Career Services)?
 * 24. What topics should future TEAM workshops cover?
          (Enter "N/A" if no answer)
 * 25. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions about your experiences with your mentor.
          (Enter "N/A" if no answer)
  * 26. Please share any additional comments you have about the TEAM program.
          (Enter "N/A" if no answer)