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    TRiO Application:
    To be eligible for TRiO services, please complete the application and submit a signed application to TRiO Student Support Services at A-106.

    TRiO Student Support Services Application  TRiO Student Support Services Application

    Triton College has been awarded funds to implement a Student Support Services (SSS) program through the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Federal Trio Programs.

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    The purpose of the SSS program is to provide academic and other support services to low-income, first-generation, or disabled college students to increase student retention and graduation rates, facilitate their transfer from two-year to four-year colleges, and foster an institutional climate supportive of the success of low-income and first-generation college students and individuals with disabilities.

    Program Objectives:
    The Triton College SSS program is funded to serve 160 students annually with the goal of achieving the following objectives.

    Objective #1 – 85% of all participants serviced by the SSS project will persist from one academic year to the beginning of the next academic year, or graduate and/or transfer from a two-year to a four-year institution during the academic year.

    Objective #2 – 85% of all enrolled participants served by the SSS project will meet the performance level required to stay in good academic standing at the grantee institution.

    Objective #3 – 50% of new participants served each year will graduate with an associate’s degree or certification within four (4) years.

    Objective #4 – 40% of new participants served each year will transfer with an associate’s degree or certificate within four (4) years.

    Student Eligibility: SSS program participants must be low income and first generation, or disabled college students. In addition, students must have been determined to have academic need.

    Student Testimonials:
    "As a first-generation college student it was very difficult for me to find my way through the college process, thanks to the TriO program it allows me to have direct support when it relates to my educational goals. The TriO program staff have been my academic parents making sure that I follow my dreams."
    - Isiah Brandon

    "I can honestly say that the TRIO program has helped me out a lot. The mentors are very helpful and always looking out for the students here at Triton. BriAnne, Brenda, Blanca and Noel in particular have helped me out with scholarships, sending out reminders for helpful workshops, and are always there if I need someone to talk to. They are all great motivators and encourage us to do our best to succeed. I am grateful for all their help during my college experience."
    - Elizabeth Lara

    Triton College Student Support Services Program is federally funded in the amount of $213,144.00 through the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Federal TriO Program. Authority for this program is contained in Title IV, Part A, Subpart 2, Chapter 1, Section 402D of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended.

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