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    The Space Shuttle: An American Adventure

    Grade Level: All ages, but best for 3rd grade and up
    Length: 29 minutes

    The Space Shuttle: An American Adventure is a critically acclaimed C-360 wraparound film that documents a typical space shuttle mission, from the design and fabrication of the main shuttle components to astronaut training, vehicle launch, landing and in-flight activities. The film was made before the Challenger accident on missions flown by the Challenger and Discovery orbiters.

    The film begins by documenting the "long road" that ultimately leads to each shuttle launch. During this opening section of the film, you will gain an appreciation for the many individuals who make the shuttle program successful, including technicians, engineers and design experts, who describe with pride the contribution they make to the overall NASA effort. After watching a spectacular shuttle launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, you will soon find yourself in Earth's orbit, where you will experience what some have called "the next best thing to being in space." Some of the mission highlights documented by this film are the deployment of the Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF), repair of the Solar Max astronomical observatory and operation of the shuttle's mechanical "Canada" arm. The film concludes with a dramatic landing on the Mojave Desert in California. A minishow may precede or follow the presentation of this C-360 film. Following The Space Shuttle: An American Adventure is a brief question-and-answer period.