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    Headline news:

    Oct. 2015: SURS Pensions will continue to be paid.

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    May. 2015: Illinois Supreme Court unanimously rules Pension bill unconstitutional.

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    Jan. 2015: Triton College named Mary-Rita Moore the new interim President, effective Jan. 2015, replacing the retiring Patricia Granados.

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    TCAA Mission

    Jens Nielsen
    Jens C. Nielsen, TCAA President

    Welcome to the Triton College Annuitants Association website.

    Triton College Annuitants Association (TCAA) is one of 53 chapters which collectively make up the State University Annuitants Association (SUAA), which is located in Springfield.

    The purpose of SUAA and TCAA is to:
    Constantly review what is happening in Springfield in regards to the funding of our pension program.
    Keep abreast of possible changes in our College Insurance Program.
    Work with various chapters in having members in their respective chapters keep in contact with their legislators.
    When the legislators are in session, make sure our three lobbyists are kept informed about our organization's goals, objectives and the needs of each one of us.
    Update all members or chapters about potential legislative matters that could impact our current or future pensions and the College Health Insurance Program.
    Work as an advocate to promote the interest and welfare of SURS retirees.

    TCAA and SUAA have an active mail and email list which keeps members informed about legislative matters that could impact current retirees, spouses, survivors and active staff members at Triton College. TCAA develops and sends out a newsletter twice a year with a variety of information of interest to many of our members. SUAA sends out mini-briefings to members to keep us informed of legislative happenings in Springfield which may impact each of us. Both TCAA and SUAA have active websites for you to view. The State Universities Annuitants Association has a website: www.suaa.org. Referring to these websites will enable you to stay current on our pension and college insurance program. Over the years TCAA has held a fall and spring luncheon. Besides meeting colleagues and friends who we may not see on a regular basis, we have scheduled speakers who address items that may be of interest to our members, as well as getting caught up on what is happening to our pensions, legislative concerns, and our College Insurance Program.

    Individually, it is very difficult for us to have an impact on events which may impact our retirement benefits and college health insurance; however, collectively, we can have an impact. SUAA has more than 15,000 members statewide. Our actions as a group have and will continue to have an impact as we all work together for a common goal - protect our current and future pensions and maintain our College Insurance Program.

    If you are a current staff member at Triton College or a retired member, we strongly encourage you to become a member of TCAA, if you are not one already. We cannot stand on the sidelines and hope things will be all right. Collectively, we forge ahead; individually, we are at the mercy of others. The TCAA success is contingent upon everybody's participation which ultimately will serve us well.

    Jens C. Nielsen
    TCAA President

    Email contact or for more info: JensCNielsen@comcast.net