• Triton College Annuitants Association

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    TCAA Spring Luncheon - April 15, 2014

     Spring Luncheon 2014: 1 
    The Spring 2014 Luncheon was held at the Pescatore Palace Restaurant.

     Spring Luncheon 2014: 3
    Eleonore Weber and Bob Witherspoon spoke about health insurance for retirees.

     Spring Luncheon 2014: 2

     Fall 2013 Luncheon 4

    SUAA Executive Director Linda Brookhart spoke about pending lawsuits regarding the Pension Reform Bill.

    Clara Chann, Dan Pye, Pat Conrad, at the Fall 2013 luncheon.

     Fall 2013 Luncheon 5  Fall 2013 Luncheon 6

    Ken Czerwinski, Olga Mowinski, Judy Moroni.

    Gail Arnish, Tom Bondi, Connie Allekian, Carol Bibly.

     Fall 2013 Luncheon 7  Fall 2013 Luncheon 8

    Larry Lane, Lucy Lane, Gloria Hillert.

    Tom Porebski, Maggie Hahn Wade.

     Fall 2013 Luncheon 9

     Fall 2013 Luncheon 10

    Steve Branz, De DeGrado, Mike McNamara.

    Marianne Stefanski, Eleonore Weber, TCAA President Bob Witherspoon.




      Fall 2013 Luncheon 11

    Bill Tyrell, Judy Tyrell, Vern Magnesen.