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    The October 14th, 2015 announcement by State Comptroller Leslie Munger regarding a postponement/delay in pension payments to the State pension systems is causing alarm to many.
    Therefore, SUAA would like to instill factual information to ward off any panic.
    Number 1 – SURS benefit payments are not tied to the State Budget.  In addition, SURS has processes and procedures in place in case no pension payment is made to the System. Therefore, all benefit payments to recipients will continue as usual – with no delays.
    Number 2 – Quoting from SURS website “All SURS benefits are paid from the System’s assets, not by the State Comptroller.  SURS does not need legislative approval or a court authorization to make payments.”
    Number 3 – Quoting SURS FACTS – System market assets were $17.4 billion and accrued actuarial liabilities were $37.4 billion on June 30, 2014.  SURS investment return for FY 2014 was 18.2% net of fees. (The System is not broke.)
    Please note that the Comptroller did not say that the pension payments to the Systems would not be paid – she said they would be delayed.  By law the pension payments have to be paid.
    We hope this information is helpful to you.
    Linda L Brookhart
    Executive Director
    State Universities Annuitants Association

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