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    In this section, we will feature updates from retired TCAA members.

    "The Keys" - A Short Story by Triton Retiree John Silva  "The Keys" - A Short Story by Triton Retiree John Silva

    October 2013 update from James Wright, retired in 2008 from the Triton Social Science Dept:

    We corresponded briefly last spring when I lamented not being able to attend the TCAA luncheon, having moved to Michigan. We're still here and have become entrenched, active in a new church and a number of environmental organizations.

    We went to lobby day in Lansing sponsored by Sierra Club. We also spend a fair amount of time riding herd on grandchildren, one close by and two in River Falls Wisconsin where my middle son is a physician's assistant at Mayo Clinic and volunteer fire fighter.

    Diana and I just returned from a three week tour of Europe, our fortieth anniversary gift to ourselves (well, no one else would give it to us), so the afterlife (that is life after Triton) is sweet and fulfilling. Needless to say I send best wishes to all my former colleagues!

    Jim Wright (jameswright225@comcast.net)

    Additional note about James Wright. His first novel: Haunting Jane or the Imam's Curse  is now available on Kindle.

    Click on the link below for an update from John Boulet, who moved to southern Louisiana in November, 2011

    Member Update: John Boulet  Member Update: John Boulet

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