• SMARTHINKING is an online tutoring service that TRITON COLLEGE is making available to its students.

    Online tutoring 24 hrs for selected subjects.

    SMARTHINKING provides tutoring in:

    • Accounting
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Technology
    • Economics
    • English
    • Intro to Finance
    • Intro Human Anatomy & Physiology
    • Mathematics (Basic Math through Calculus including Bilingual Math)
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Spanish
    • Statistics
    • And more…

     How to get started on SMARTHINKING online tutoring service at Triton College:

        1. Go to Triton College website: www.triton.edu
        2. Click on “My Triton Space(Current Spring Session)
        3. Log onto “My Triton Space” by following the instructions on the webpage.
        4. Click on “SMARTHINKING-Online Tutoring” (bottom far-left of the webpage)
        5. You will automatically be directed to the SMARTHINKING online tutoring log-in page
        6. Click on “Click here to create your account”(You will need a Username and Password)
        7. Fill in the blank boxes with the appropriate responses of the Student Profile Form
        8. When done, click on the “continue” button
        9. Check if all information on the summary page is accurate
        10. Click the “continue” button when done (Click Back button on your browser to edit your Student Profile if necessary)
        11. You are now registered and will be directed to the SMARTHINKING home page