• Emergency Notification System

    Triton College supports an emergency notification system. Triton’s Connect Ed emergency notification system will allow you to receive instant notifications by email, phone, and text message in the event of an emergency. You will not need to take steps for sign up as all students are automatically placed into the system.

    Please visit the Student Portal to ensure your email address and phone number(s) are correct in our system. After logging in, update your contact information if needed. For more information regarding the Connect Ed emergency notification system, please review the questions and answers below.

    How will I be notified in the case of an emergency?
    Triton’s Connect Ed emergency notification system can send email, text messages, and call the phone number(s) of your contact information on file at Triton. If you are not available to answer the phone, the system will leave the message on voicemail.

    Will I be charged for use of this system?
    No, Triton College is adding this service to inform campus members in the event of an emergency or school closure. Please note however, if receiving a text message, you may be charged at your carriers standard text messaging rate.

    May I opt-out of the emergency system?
    This system was established only for emergency notification or school closure announcements. If you have a cell number listed as Alt/Cell Phone in your contact information with Triton, you will receive a text message when your account is automatically created in Connect Ed. Your initial text message will contain instructions if you wish to opt-out of text messaging. If you opt-out, your email address and phone number(s) still remain in the system for notification. Please note that T-Mobile currently asks there subscribers to opt-in to receiving text messages instead of opting-out.

    If my cell number is on file with Triton, what will my initial confirmation text message look like?
    The standard confirmation message is as follows:
    Triton College: You are now confirmed to receive alerts from us. More info text reply "HELP" or "STOP Triton" to opt-out.

    Unlike most carriers who automatically opt-in recipients, T-Mobile requires that subscribers take steps to opt-in to receive Short Code Message. Therefore, the message sent to T-Mobile users will automatically be a different Confirmation Message that will ask them to reply to confirm they would like to receive messages:
    Triton College: You asked to receive alerts. Please reply with “Y Triton” to confirm. More info text HELP