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    Mechanical Design gives you coursework in mechanics, electronics, and 3D CAD Modeling. 

    Knowledge in these areas prepare you to work within the product design and manufacturing field and also opens up opportunities for you in process improvement and/or optimization positions at businesses in and around the Chicagoland area! 



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    Funded by DOL/ETA federal funds
    Mechanical Design - drawing slice An introduction to mechanical blueprints, including reading, sketching, and the use of software used in the design of mechanical components. Sketching, lettering, orthographic projections, descriptive geometry, point, line, basic geometric shapes will be covered. 
    Mechanical Design - inventor slice Introductory-level course to Autodesk Inventor that includes basic commands and proper manipulation of the software, from basic part modeling to assembly drawings and finished/detailed engineering drawings. 
    Mechanical Design - solidworks sliceMechatronics - Gear slice Introductory level course to Solidworks, including basic commands and proper manipulation of the software, from basic part modeling to assembly drawings and finished/detailed engineering drawings.
    Mechatronics - Apply slice

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    Are you interested in a career in Engineering/Manufacturing but don’t want to be burdened with student debt? Then the ICATT Program is the ideal career choice for you!

    Innovative companies sponsor high potential students to go to college and get trained in their facility – all while getting paid.

    ICATT is a program modeled after the German Dual Apprenticeship Model, where you work in the field while concurrently taking class at Triton College two days a week..

    To submit an application for consideration to be a part of this program and for more information on the ICATT program, please see: http://www.thinkicatt.com/

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