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    Pavement Project - Phase II

    Triton College has planned a multi-phase, multi-year project to remove and replace the majority of the parking lots on the west side of the campus. The Phase II renovations included improving the condition of the Quad/Mounds area on campus with new concrete walkways, upgraded energy-efficient lighting, and comfortable seating areas with power and enhanced Wi-Fi features.

    As part of the improvements, a new storm sewer system and two detention vaults were installed under Lot 1 and Lot 6. The designed underground detention vaults provide storm water storage for all of the parking lots on the west side of campus. The improvements provides flood storage volume for the 100-year storm event and meet Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s requirements. By providing detention, the downstream sewers owned by the Village of River Grove will have additional capacity during rain and flooding events which will help reduce flooding in the area.

    Click the following links for more information on Phase II of the Pavement Replacement Project:
       • Project Update Information
       • Project Drawings (Large file, may take a few moments to download)
       • Sustainable Components to Project
       • Road and Lot Closure Plan
       • Road and Lot Closure Description

    Construction progress as of April 2, 2014:

    Pavement Phase II Pic 1 4/2/14   Pavement Phase II Pic 2 4/2/14   Pavement Phase II Pic 3 4/2/14