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    Triton College is dedicated to promoting, teaching and modeling sustainability. We are doing our part by establishing a green cleaning program that helps protect human health and the environment.

    Did you know that green cleaning can:

    • help us all stay healthy
    • help us increase the lifespan of the facility
    • help us preserve our environment
    • build sustainability for the future

    U.S. facilities, like Triton College, have a huge impact on the environment, making up:

    • 36% of the total energy used
    • 70% of the electricity generated
    • 30% of waste output
    • 12% of potable water consumption
    • 36 billion trash can liners
    • 5 billion pounds of cleaning chemicals and coatings
    • 4.5 billion pounds of toilet paper and hand towels
    (Annual Totals Source USGBC)

    Here’s how we are accomplishing our sustainable green cleaning program throughout our facilities:


    Our products have been carefully selected amongst the safest and most effective on the market. Many of these products carry the Green SealTM or EcoLogoTM Certifications.


    We use toilet tissue, roll towels, hand soaps and can liners that meet the highest standards of compliance as determined by the Green Seal, Eco LogoTM and/or the EPA.


    Our floor and carpet maintenance equipment incorporates the latest technology in chemical-free cleaning as well as has the distinction of being CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) Gold Certified and can improve indoor air quality.


    We use green cleaning procedures that have a lower environmental impact that focuses on cleaning for health and safety.

    Together we can make a difference!



    1. Commitment
      • Triton maintains institutional membership and engagement with regional and statewide sustainability networks such as AASHE, IGEN, CNSHE and Chicago Wilderness 
      • Triton is working to achieve the Silver level in the Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact 
      • Institutional support for sustainability initiatives throughout the campus ensures steady progress
    2. People 
      • Since 2009 the Greening the Campus Committee has been active in sustainability initiatives such as earth day events, campus and community recycling, and pilot native landscaping projects 
      • Throughout the college, staff and students are changing the way we do things to help reduce waste, save energy, raise awareness, and create a campus culture of sustainability 
      • Many instructors include sustainability components in their curricula
    3. Academics 
      • Our new campus-wide learning standards state that sustainability is an essential part of our students’ education 
      • Over the next five years nearly all students will encounter sustainability in their classes as instructors implement the new learning standards 
      • New programs in fields such as such as sustainable agriculture, environmental science and alternative energy will help train students for the new green economy
    4. Facilities
      • Triton is an early adopter of energy-and resource-saving technologies such as LED lights and water bottle refilling stations 
      • New parking lots have improved storm water management features such as rain gardens 
      • Green cleaning products and methods, including carpet cleaners that use ionized water—help make our campus healthier
    5. Community Engagement
      • Triton sponsors sustainability-related events open to the public such as films, speakers, and “green drinks” and zero-waste events  
      • The horticulture department assists community garden projects in nearby communities 
      • The Sustainability Center partners with local green groups to help our communities become more sustainable 




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