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    Ophthalmic Technician

    Ophthalmic Technology is a rapidly expanding field with a growing demand for qualified technicians. Ophthalmic technicians function under direct supervision of an ophthalmologist, assists in direct and indirect patient care. Includes case histories, visual acuity measurement, visual field testing, refractometry, contact lenses, instrument maintenance, and assisting the doctor with minor ophthalmic surgery.

    The Ophthalmic Technology program is a selective enrollment program, meaning that applicants must qualify before they are accepted. Acceptance is awarded by a point system; applicants with the highest points are accepted first. Points are accumulated from the grades earned from successful completion of the general education courses that are a part of the Ophthalmic Technology's curriculum. All Math, Science, and Allied Health courses expire 5 years from the time they were taken. Acceptance is awarded for every fall semester.

    Program Prerequisites:
    Complete a Triton College Application. Click here!

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    Complete a Health Careers Application. Click here! Applicants should not apply to the Ophthalmic Technology program until they have completed the prerequisite requirements and have taken some of the classes that are a part of the programs curriculum. Acceptance is awarded every Fall semester.

    Ophthalmic Technology does not have prerequisites, except for completion of the placement exam and a GPA of 2.0 or above. By the program awarding acceptance on a point system, applicants are strongly encouraged to take some of the programs general education courses to increase their chances for acceptance.

    General Education Courses:
    Completion of these courses will increase an applicant’s chances for acceptance, due to the program awarding acceptance by a point system. Points are calculated as: A=4, B=3, and C=2.
    BIS 101 Human Biology I or BIS 136 Functional Human Anatomy I
    AHL 100 Introduction to Patient Care
    AHL 101 Essentials of Medical Terminology
    AHL 102 Ethics and Law for Allied Health Professionals
    AHL 109 Drug Calculations
    HTH 281 First Aid & CPR
    RHT 101 Freshman Rhetoric & Composition I
    SPE 101 Principles of Effective Speaking Electives
    PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
    General education/Humanities

    Attendance at an Information Session is REQUIRED in order to apply for admission to this program. By attending an information session you will learn what is expected of you as an applicant, as well as the functionality of the program.


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