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    Cernan Earth and Space Center Construction

    With support from a grant from the Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN) and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), the Cernan Earth and Space Center underwent updates and additions, including the installation of solar panels to further support Triton's mission of becoming more sustainable, energy savers, as well as to provide students with a hands-on learning opportunity, as the college looks to add new academic programs focused on renewable energy.

    An array of 54 solar panels each with the capacity to power 250 watts at maximum power, which will supplement the power of the building at times, were installed. And fittingly, the panels were installed in the design of a satellite in tone with the planetarium. A mural of former astronaut Eugene Cernan on the moon, of which the center is named for, was painted onto one of the panels. The panels can measure and display the amount of solar energy being collected.  

    The Cernan Earth and Space Center offers public laser light shows and monthly skywatches throughout the year. To see the full schedule of events, visit www.triton.edu/Cernan.


    Click the images to view larger versions of the completed project.

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