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    Shared Governance Structure

     Shared Governance Structure Diagram, 2017-2018

    Purpose of Governance Bodies

    College Council
    The College Council is an advisory body to the President that provides multiple viewpoints on college-wide initiatives, including strategic planning, accreditation, and student success. As the College's central shared governance committee, Council members facilitate communication on institutional matters across its represented employee groups.

    Operational Assembly
    The Operational Assembly is a collegial body concerned with building consensus on issues related to campus operations, facilities, and student services. The Assembly provides guidance to committees within the Business Services, Campus Community, and Student Support Working Groups. The Assembly also assists with the coordination of committee efforts by ensuring cross communication at monthly meetings.

    Academic Senate
    The Academic Senate is a collegial and professional body established by the Faculty Association, the administration, and the Board as the academic committee system of the Faculty Association. It also encompasses other elements of the college in order to promote widespread input into academic decisions. It is concerned with building consensus on those issues which relate to teaching and learning. The Senate reports directly to the College President, and, when appropriate, the Vice Presidents. The Senate committees include Academic and Scholastic Standards, Academic Support, Assessment, Campus Quality, Curriculum, Professional Development, Student Development, and Technology Advisory and Distance Education.

    Committees are active, purpose‐specific advisory bodies that make recommendations to campus departments or the executive team. Committees advise departments on projects articulated within the college’s strategic plan and also make recommendations based on self‐identified initiatives.