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    UC Student of the Month Archive - Nicole Vazquez

    Governors State University
    As a new transfer student, I had a number of questions about navigating the transfer and admissions process as well as degree choices and major requirements. Governors State University has partnered with Triton College to provide the resources all transfer students need to help address these very questions. The transfer coordinator at GSU worked with my major advisor to create a 4 year plan which outlined my transferred courses and additional courses required for the Bachelor's degree. As a criminal justice major it was important that my credits from Triton transferred to GSU. After graduating with an Associates of Arts degree at Triton, it was nice to be able to remain on campus to begin my Bachelor of Arts degree with GSU.

    Nicole Vazquez - GSU  

    Both schools work together to ensure your college career runs smoothly. This partnership gives students the convenience of staying at the Triton campus while still being an active member of the GSU community. The GSU staff and professors provide a great support system for students. As Governors State continues to grow by expanding their campus and welcoming their first group of freshman students in 2014, we see GSU's commitment to providing affordable, accessible, and academically challenging educational opportunities to Illinois students. Governors State University has an incredible staff of highly experienced professors, and the staff in the Veterans Rsource Center has made it easy for this Navy veteran to utilize my educational benefits. In addition, students can take advantage of the library, fitness center, clubs and organizations, and academic and community events. As a GSU student studying on Triton campus it was easy to utilize the best of both schools.

    The partnership Governors State University has with Triton Community College is a great opportunity for transfer students who want to continue their education with a university committed to a quality education and a staff who will take care of you no matter what your educational goals are. This program has allowed me to successfully complete my Associates degree and graduate Spring 2015 with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice.

    Nicole Vazquez / Governors State University Criminal Justice program at Triton / Bachelor's Degree 2015

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