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    UC Student of the Month Archive - Quintin Parrish

    Eastern Illinois University BGS program at Triton
    Dr. Martin Luther King once stated, "If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do…. you have to keep moving forward." Those words have never been more apt than when describing the Eastern Illinois University Bachelor of General studies program on the campus of Triton Community College in River Grove Illinois. For adults returning to College, the program addresses issues directly related to them, from transferring prior college credits, to class hours awarded for life/work experience, offering online courses, and to even scheduling that cooperates with one's work hours. The BGS program was built for, and specifically targets, serious adults who know it is imperative to continue to strive, and MOVE FORWARD, in their educational pursuits whether it be for career advancement, or to finish a degree that was started before children, jobs and mortgages took priority in their lives.

    Quintin Parrish - EIU  

    My name is Quintin Parrish, and after having served as a Firefighter/EMT for many years, it was necessary for me to return to school and complete a degree I started long ago, in order to pursue a new career. Triton's location, and Eastern Illinois University's professional and courteous staff combined to make an educational team, which was not only helpful and instrumental in me returning to school, but also in me being able to graduate with my degree this December 2014. Mrs. Audrey Bachelder and my counselor Ms. Jackie Johnson made my success a priority in their life, by going above and beyond the call of duty as administrators and staff.

    When I walk across that stage to accept my diploma, I will not only know what it feels like to have a quality education and degree, but I will also have experienced a well-run, professional and most importantly, caring institution, who helped me maximize my learning potential.

    Quintin Parrish / Eastern Illinois University BGS program at Triton / Bachelor's Degree 2014

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