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    UC Student of the Month Archive - Sandeep Atwal

    People are always asking why I decided to pursue nursing. "I’ve always been interested in healthcare, but initially I wanted to become a MD".

    Sandeep Atwal - Benedictine Univ  

    My interest in nursing was sparked when my father was hospitalized for a back surgery shortly after I started my schooling at Triton College. I witnessed such compassionate, quality care from the nurses that took care of my father and my family. I decided that one day I wanted to be in their shoes and so I decided to pursue nursing.

    Triton’s ADN program really helped me become the confident nurse that I am today. The curriculum was challenging and I got to experience so much through the clinical. The skills and knowledge that I acquired through the ADN program really provided me with a firm foundation so I was able to start the BSN program shortly after graduation. I love it!

    Benedictine’s RN to BSN program is helping me meet my goals of being more than “just another nurse.” People fail to realize that there is so much more to nursing than just a set of practical skills. Nurses must consider ethics, effective inter-professional communication and patient advocacy while providing care to patients and their families.

    In the BSN program, I feel I am gaining the knowledge I need to be a real leader in my workplace. When asked what the best part about being a nurse is, I always have trouble deciding. In my experience, I think patient interaction is the best part. Each patient interaction is a unique experience and I love going to work not knowing who or what to expect. I am constantly faced with opportunities to learn and grow and I love this part of my job!

    If one of my good friends said they wanted to a nurse, first I would congratulate them on choosing such an awesome profession. Next, I would suggest they try to volunteer in a hospital or get some type of experience. The possibilities are endless in nursing but it is not a job for everyone so I would want the friend to be fully invested before joining a program (it is tough!).

    After I complete my RN to BSN program, I want to continue working in the ICU for a couple more years. My plans are not set in stone, but I am considering going back to school to become a CRNA. There is honestly so much room for growth in nursing, so my plans might change in the future. For now, I am just enjoying the experience."

    Sandeep Atwal/ Benedictine University RN to BSN at Triton/Bachelor's Degree 2015

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