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    Semi-Annual Reports & Assessment Information

    The strategic plan is assessed and updated annually to ensure that it remains a current.

    Click HERE to see more information about our Assessment Process.

    To assist with annual assessment and resource planning, Triton College established institutional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the fall of 2015. Click HERE to view the college's KPIs via its institutional scorecard. Beginning Calendar Year 2016, reporting on the KPIs is included in the Mid-Year Update and Annual Report.

    Semi-Annual Reports
    In FY2015, semi-annual reports were produced in November (Summer Semester update), February (Fall Semester update), and June (Spring Semester update).

    In July 2015, the College Council evaluated the first round of the strategic planning assessment process and recommended a change from three assessment reports per year to two assessment report per year. The first report, titled Mid-Year Strategic Plan Progress Report, will be published in June each year, and the second report, titled Strategic Plan Annual Report, will be published in December.

    A link for each of the Strategic Plan’s semi-annual reports is provided below:

    Calendar Year 2017
       • Mid-Year Strategic Plan Progress Report
       • 2017 Strategic Plan Annual Report

    Calendar Year 2016
       • Mid-Year Strategic Plan Progress Report
       • 2016 Strategic Plan Annual Report

    FY 2016
    To accommodate the assessment change recommended by the College Council in July 2015, the Summer and Fall semester reports were combined in a single report. Following this repot, semi-annual reports will be categorized by calendar year, rather than fiscal year.
       • Summer/Fall Semester

    FY 2015
       • Summer Semester
       • Fall Semester
       • Spring Semester