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    Receptionist/Office Assistance Certification Bilingual - English/Spanish

    This certificate program prepares students with the office and computer skills needed to enter the business workplace while they are obtaining English language skills. Classes are taught primarily in Spanish with English terms. The objective of this bilingual program is to offer individuals the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to explore the fast-growing world of the computer technology while using their native language.

    Basic computer and keyboarding skills of 20 wpm, or successful completion of course DPR C16 or DPR C20.

    DPR C16 - Computer Literacy for Adults
    Course Description: For older adults who want to understand and make use of computers. All students will be given hands-on instruction in basic operation and will utilize the Windows Operating System. This style appears to be the style of computing for the future and for many students is easier to learn than other types of computer interface.

    DPR C20 - Basic Computer Skills & Keyboarding
    Course Description: Become familiarized with basic computer skills and keyboard functions to improve your typing abilities. Learn basic keystrokes, computer keyboarding concepts and terminology for a more successful computer usage. Primary emphasis is placed on developing stroking speed and efficiency.


    OFT E15 - Windows Express
    Course Description: Instruction in the application of the many features of Microsoft Windows including file and print manager, control panel, internet, mail and news programs, and data transfer between applications.

    CIS E70 - Intro to MS Word I
    Course Description: Introduction to Microsoft Word with instruction in the creation, formatting, and editing of various word processing documents. Keyboarding ability of 20 words per minute recommended.

    CIS E71 - Word II
    Course Description: Students will learn more advanced MS Word usage with a focus on customizing work by using menus and toolbars. Further template usage will be covered, as well as macros and practices to manage multiple documents. Additional focus will be placed on graphics, web pages, mail-merges and sharing information between other MS Office products. 

    CIS E06 Introduction to Microsoft Excel
    Course Description: An introductory course in the world of electronic spreadsheets. Learn the fundamental concepts of developing an electronic spreadsheet and the uses of them in today's business community. Basic spreadsheet functions and commands are covered.

    OFT E80 - Office Procedures (Optional)
    Course Description: Develop proficiency in transitioning to the workplace and expand professional skills while working with customers. Learn how to organize and file documents while discovering the general nature of office work and behaviors desired for office professionals. Principles of customer orientation and concepts of business ethics will be discussed to improve the quality of service within an organization.

    CIS E11 - Internet Essential Skills
    Course Description: This class is designed to give you all the basics on how to "survive" on the internet. We'll introduce you to email, how to do it, why you want it, etc. We'll also introduce you to the World Wide Web. You'll learn to use Netscape to locate and view web sites. Other topics will be addressed.

    BSN E02 - Customer Service & Office Equipment
    Course Description: Introduction to learning basic skills and knowledge to be successful when dealing with the public in a business setting. Telephone skills, message taking and general office skills will also be covered along with the proper usage of general office equipment.

    Courses should be taken in sequence. Upon program completion students will be awarded the Receptionist/Office Assistant Certificate from Continuing Education at Triton College.

    To register for these classes please click HERE. To speak with a program advisor, please call (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3500 or email Ask CE.