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    Student and Alumni Athletes Engage in Friendly Competition at Alumni Athletics Day


    Triton invited back its former student athletes and coaches for the first-ever Alumni Athletics Day on Sept. 20. The day challenged current and former Triton student athletes to go head-to-head in basketball, softball and soccer games.

    “The purpose of Alumni Athletics Day is to celebrate Triton’s 50-year history of athletic competition by bringing together generations of alumni athletes to engage in friendly competition against our current student athletes,” said Lisa Scalessi, director of Triton’s Alumni Relations department. “It was an opportunity to honor the past and also celebrate the future with the introduction of Triton’s new mascot, Troy. We hope to make this a new tradition.”

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    Triton alum Gricela “Gi-Gi” Bueso, who graduated in 2012, enjoyed the opportunity to come back and play women’s basketball on Triton’s court. “I think this is a great event to see old team members and play the game I love,” she said.

    Breann Schuh, 2009 graduate, learned about the event from her former women’s softball coach. “It’s great to see the girls from my team again. We can’t always get together because some of us live apart from one another,” she said. “I’m ready to just have fun.”

    Being on campus, Charles Hudson reminisced about his time at the college. “Triton still has a beautiful campus, lots of good people. It feels like home here,” said the 2004 graduate, who was pumped to play against the current players of Triton’s men’s basketball team. “I’m ready to go and have fun, but at the end of the day, I’m trying to win.”

    The first Alumni Athletics Day at Triton College was largely a success with close to 75 alumni and student athletes competing in the day’s events. Both student and alumni athletes hope to participate in the event in the future.

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