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    The dedicated staff and faculty of Triton College's School of Business have taken the initiative to build up its program to further support students' education.

    Each person in the department has contributed to the growth of Triton's School of Business, located in the F Building. Their efforts include developing new partnerships with Chicagoland universities to allow for credit hours earned at Triton to be transferred and accepted at other institutions. In addition, they've created a collaborative relationship with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group to connect Triton's students to the company's paid internship program.

    Also, the department introduced its Executive Series that inspires and encourages students to think about academic and career paths that can help prepare them to compete in today's job market. The on-campus series features community business leaders who inspire students by sharing their success stories and providing tips on how to compete in the global workforce.

    "Our mission is to help students, both transfer students and those seeking immediate employment, prepare for the workplace environment," said Dr. William Griffin, chair of Triton College's School of Business. "And as a unit, they are to be commended for contributing to Triton's mission of student success!"  

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