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    Lorenzo Webber
    Lorenzo Webber
    Council President
    Class of 2010

    Mr. Webber is a graduate of St. Joseph High School and Triton College. He currently serves as a professional staff member at Illinois Community College District 504 (Triton College). For several years Mr. Webber has coordinated the Student Life Special Initiatives area that is responsible for Student Ambassador Program and Student Leadership Institute, which specializes in developing leadership and interpersonal skills.

    Mr. Webber is a youth advocate within the Proviso Township. Through leadership programming and meaningful ministry it is his aim to minimize the senseless violence that is plaguing today’s area youth. From speaking at local grade schools and high schools to coordinating youth outreach functions, Lorenzo Webber remains connected to anyone who is dedicated to improving the lives of young people.

    On June 22 at the Young Democrats of Illinois State Convention, Mr. Webber was elected 1st Vice President. He is also a deputy registrar in Cook County who assists in registering voter. It is his mission to bring about new movement of politically active young people.

    Putting his roles together Mr. Webber is a community activist who empowers those he serves by connecting them to education and the political pathways of action. He firmly believes that education and political activism are the foundations of a strong community and a better tomorrow.

    Mr. Webber is currently seeking funds to successfully complete his baccalaureate degree program at National Louis University for Applied Behavioral Science with a minor in Public Policy.