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    Hear what our students have to say about our CECHP programs

    "I took the pharmacy technician course at Triton College. I was recently accepted to the University of Illinois at Chicago and will be pursuing my pharmacy degree. Thank you so much for all your help I cannot even explain how happy I am right now! I was also hired in the CVS Pharmacy. Thank you again!"

     "I got hired at Walgreens as a Pharmacy Technician after I did my externship. The manager offered me a job after I finished. I am extremely happy i love my job, I am leaning a lot. Thank you so much for all you great work." 

     "As a nurse, the medical billing and coding certification will only enhance my skills in the event I decide to step away from bedside nursing and embark on the business side of nursing/healthcare. I very much enjoyed the class and the instructor!"

    "The medical coding and billing instructor prepared us for passing the examination."

    "I have been a pharmacy technician for over 30 years, but I learned so much more in three months in this class than I learned by working in the pharmacy. I received two job offers with very good companies and good pay while still taking the class! When I was interviewed I mentioned that I was taking a pharmacy course at Triton College to prepare for the pharmacy technician certification test and they were very impressed. That helped me to get the job! I totally recommend this Pharmacy Technician program. You will learn a lot, not only about pharmacy, but many other things concerning your body and how medicines help and affect your body. It's a morning and evening program. Very convenient times and very informative." 

    "The Pharmacy Technician program at Triton College is a very up-to-the-point program. You learn fast and rapidly. You have to learn in 3 months what it will take at least for up to two years of classes in the other institutions. The professor is very knowledgeable on the subject, teaches the class so that you can understand it, makes it fun and treats all students with respect and a dignity. She makes us feel like family. Be ready to receive tons of homework and to use PowerPoint and Microsoft programs. I loved every minute of this course. Learned so much from it."

    "I was a recent student at Triton College for veterinary assistant. I already got a job as a veterinary assistant. Thank you and thanks for having a great program for students. It was awesome and  I miss everyone from the class. So much fun."

    “I started the course as a single mother to two kids, one of who has Tourettes Syndrome. I had two waitressing jobs, but wanted more for myself, more for my children. I knew it would be a challenge but I was determined to be more. There were many days where I worked double shifts to be able to keep my schedule of school three mornings a week, and still be able to keep up with everything financial. My back pack went with me where ever I went, I took every opportunity to squeeze in extra study time where ever I could, it was very normal for me to be at work doing homework between tables and while waiting for customers…I worked hard, I used my time as wisely as I could, used my super power of being stubborn and a little black magic, and a lot of hard work and was offered a position in a Pharmacy making good money, 2 weeks paid vacation, 401K... all before the last day of school.”

    "The Phlebotomy instructor was very efficient and taught well. The hands-on experience was very helpful."

    "The Pharmacy Technician instructor was a great and I felt very well prepared for the PTCE."

    "The program combined with great instructing and hands on experience at externship sites was helpful and confirmed veterinary assistant is a career I want to pursue."

     "Thank you for all your help and I found a job! The instructor is a phenomenal instructor and I hold her in very high regard and esteem. She is an asset to your staff and I thank you all for everything you have done for me."- Pharmacy Technician

    "The instructor was so patient and made sure everything was absorbed and we understood." - EKG Technician

    "I took the Train the Trainer course at Triton and enjoyed every moment! Great instructor & wonderful new facility!"

    "Dental Assistant instructor was very straight forward and available to help students if needed outside of class hours." 

    "It was a great experience, I would recommend this course." - Dialysis Technician

    "The EKG program was great, I am extremely satisfied with my experience and would recommend this course to anyone interested in the career field."

    "I am so glad I choose Triton to do my training in the Phlebotomy field. The instructor is such a great teacher. She made everyone feel at ease. She made our time in class informative but fun at the same time. She kept us interested.