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    Seth McClellan
    Seth McClellan
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    Mass Communications instructor Seth McClellan is able to connect with his students so well because he practices what he preaches. Since coming to Triton in 2009, McClellan has taught courses in digital video production, video editing and film history and appreciation. In the classroom, he draws from his breadth of experience as a filmmaker himself. McClellan has produced and directed several fictional films as well as award winning documentaries primarily focused on issues of social justice.

    “The reason I have credibility as a teacher and the reason students respond to my instruction is because I’m very actively engaged in filmmaking so I have a lot of hands on practical advice and contemporary advice,” McClellan said.

    Most recently, his documentary, “Little Wound’s Warriors,” which portrayed the struggles of the Lakota Sioux Native American Indian tribe, won the Public Service Award at the 2016 American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco. The film was described as "stunningly beautiful” by TimeOut Chicago.

    McClellan, an Oak Park resident, says one of the things he enjoys most about teaching at Triton is the diversity of the student body, and feels strongly that a high quality, affordable education is one of the most valuable things the that we can offer to members of our communities.

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