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    COL 102 FAQs

    Q: What are the benefits of enrolling in COL 102?
    A: COL102 helps to prepare students for a successful transition into college by orienting them to Triton College and enhance their knowledge in financial literacy, note and test taking skills, goal setting and other non-cognitive skills.

    Q: What is Triton’s policy on mandatory enrollment in COL 102?
    A: All first-time, college students pursuing an AA, AS, AGS or AFA degree who need enhancement in non-cognitive skills as determined by an assessment tool will be required to enroll in COL 102. Furthermore, students who have completed 12 credit hours and have a cumulative GPA below 2.0 shall be required to enroll in COL 102, Learning Framework for College Success, in the next semester. Waivers to the policy will be determined on a case by case basis.

    Q: When does the new policy become effective?
    A: The new policy becomes effective in fall 2017.

    Q: How do I know if I need to enroll in COL 102?
    A: All first-time in college students pursuing an AA, AS, AGS or AFA degrees who are identified as needing enhancement in non-cognitive skills, as determined by an assessment tool, will be required to enroll in COL 102. A counselor can provide guidance and recommend proper course placement.

    Q: Can I register for COL102 even if I am not required to?
    A: Yes, anyone can enroll in COL 102.

    Q: How does the placement in COL 102 impact my success at Triton?
    A: National research as well as data from Triton students show that students who take this class are more successful in their courses and persist at a higher rate than those who opt out of it. Additionally, feedback from students in the past has demonstrated that this course is valuable in getting students ready for college.

    Q: Does this class count toward my degree?
    A: Yes, this class count toward your degree if you are seeking an AA, AS or AGS degree.

    Q: Does this course transfer?
    A: Yes, this course has been articulated with multiple institutions. Confirm with your transfer institution how this course transfers.

    Q: Will I need to retake COL102 if I had passed it but put an academic probation again?
    A: No, you will not need to retake COL 102 if you had passed it once.