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    Denise Smith - EIU  

    Hi, I am Denise Smith-Gaborit and will complete my BA in General Studies degree program at Eastern IL University this fall.

    I chose the EIU BGS degree program because it was a good fit for my education goals and it was on line, so it fit into my busy schedule. My favorite part of the BGS program was the Documentary in Society course. I found it very interesting and I learned a great deal.

    My biggest struggle was in the Evolution Course. I took this class over the summer and I think I would have done better to have a full semester course instead of a condensed version.

    The biggest advantage to being an adult learner is maturity. Knowing that the average adult is paying for their own education is a motivator. Having time management skills is also a large part of the on line experience.

    My plan for the future will be to remain in my current position as Coordinator of the Hospitality Program at Triton College. The education I have earned will benefit my students.

    I had always wanted to continue my education and earn a Bachelor degree. When it came time for the educators in the career programs at Triton College to have a Bachelor degree or better, I decided to enter the BGS Program at EIU because I am interested in many different subjects and it is a well-rounded program. I have encouraged my staff to attend this program also.

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