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    What is a Transferable Program?
    A sequence of courses that transfer to a four year college, usually the equivalent to the first two years of study at a four-year institution. It is composed of general education and elective courses, as defined by the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI). You may find out more information by visiting www.itransfer.org.

    What is the General Education Core Curriculum?
    The General Education Core Curriculum consists of the courses that colleges and universities consider the essential framework for a college education. These courses are equivalent to the first two years of a four-year bachelor's degree program. The General Education Core includes Rhetoric I and Rhetoric II, Speech, Life Science, Physical Science, Math, Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Behavioral Science courses.

    Will my credits transfer?
    To transfer from Triton College to your intended school, you must meet the requirements of the transfer school and follow the guidelines from the transfer guide for the particular schools that you are interested in. Only courses on the IAI list are guaranteed to transfer among participating institutions.

    Other courses may transfer on a course by course basis. The final decision to accept credits rests with the transfer school, please meet with your counselor or the transfer specialist.

    How can Transfer Services help me?
    The counselor and transfer specialist can assist you in understanding transfer and articulation guides, course planning, provide catalogs and admission applications, college fair information, and transfer scholarship information.