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    Faculty Advice On How To Succeed In Mathematics

    "Succeeding in Math requires time and effort. This starts with going to every class and continuing to work outside of the classroom. make use of the resources available to you; this includes your instructor and your classmates." Glenn Jablonski

    "Ask questions! Actively participate in the classroom and if you see yourself lagging behind, seek help right away. Also, practice, practice and practice." Shelley Tiwari

    "Practice makes perfect. Math is a challenging subject that requires dedication, determination and effort. If you strive to do your best, you can do it." Christyn Senese

    "Always appear in class. Ask lots of questions and practice your skills. Use every service offered and it will become easier each day." Ellen O'Connell

    "Stay focused in class, take notes, attempt all homework problems, ask questions. Take 10 minutes before each class to look over your notes from the last class. When you study or do homework, talk out loud. Hearing your own voice helps you retain what you are studying." Pat Hussey

    "Learn by doing, so practice, practice, even if you feel that you understand, practice more. Make connections between new material and ideas that have already been covered. Learn by teaching others, share your ideas and concerns with your classmates." Lucyna Galusza

    "Mathematics is something we interact with rather than reading it. Therefore, we ask pertinent questions, seek out solutions seasonably and process the education of math while using math regularly." Tuan Dean

    "Math is like a sport. As with a sport, you need to practice math by doing the homework." Ansamma Antony

    "Read the textbook; most of them are clearly written. While you are reading, copy all the examples on scratch paper and make sure you follow the reasoning by filling in all the omitted details. Do your homework in short half hour secessions; don't try to do a long assignment all in one sitting. Ask for help in the Math Tutoring Zone or elsewhere if anything is unclear. Most important: don't start an assigned section of the book until you thoroughly understand the previous sections." Roger Affleck

    "Do all the homework, study for quizzes and exams. If you have trouble understanding something, see your instructor or a tutor in the Math Lab before it's too late." Jeffrey Zolek

    "If you really get stuck, don't give up. Put the problem aside- in the next hour, the solution may suddenly strike you." Viola Vajdova

    "Be a perfectionist. always check problems on a test twice." William McKenzie