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    Service Truck Operator - Part Time

    The TRITON COLLEGE POLICE DEPARTMENT accepts applications on an on-going basis. As positions become available, a new recruitment cycle begins with applications already on file. One is encouraged to submit an application at anytime during the year.

    Primary Duties: Shall perform the duties of the Service Truck Operator which includes, but is not limited to, motorist assists as assigned by the Telecommunications Officer, Board Courier runs, and light maintenance.

    Additional Duties: Shall also be responsible for police vehicle and station maintenance on a daily basis and other duties as assigned by the police Materials/Maintenance Supervisor, the Shift Commander, or Telecommunications Officer.

       • Age 17 or older
       • Physical condition that will assure efficient performance of tasks
       • Must possess valid Illinois driver’s license
       • Able to assist motorists with flat tires, lock outs, and other minor problems

    Testing Prior to Employment: Applicant will be given an oral interview, will be subjected to an in depth background investigation and driving record check.

    Benefits: In-district or out-of-district student will receive one class free per semester. Out-of-district student will receive in-district rates for their classes.

    Starting Pay: $7.25 per hour

    Hours: 30 hours per week – Monday through Friday and/or Saturday. Will be assigned to one of three shifts - mornings, afternoons or evenings.

    Contact the Triton College Police Department at (708) 456-6911 to request an application or visit or write us at:
    Triton College Police Department
    2000 North Fifth Avenue
    Building N
    River Grove, IL 60171