• Emergency Response Guide
    Some Other Key People And their Duties

    Depending upon the seriousness of the disaster or emergency, other key individuals will likely become involved and will become responsible for decisions impacting their respective areas or will be required to execute certain directives from the Administrator-in-Charge. Some of these key individuals are listed here along with some of their likely duties. This is by no means an inclusive list.

    Chief of Police or Senior Police Official on the scene –Triton College Police Department

    A. Maintains the Police Department facility and personnel in a state of readiness.
    B. Initiates EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION of other campus staff
    C. Takes immediate and appropriate action to protect life and property.
    D. Obtains assistance from the city, county and federal government if necessary
    E. Provides traffic control, access control, perimeter and internal security patrols and fire prevention services as needed.
    F. Acts as a liaison with outside police, fire and EMS agencies
    G. Maintains integrity of the crime scene if criminal actions are suspected.

    Director of Facilities or designee – Operations and Maintenance

    A. Provides equipment and personnel to perform shutdown procedures, hazardous area control, barricades, damage assessment, debris clearance, emergency repairs and equipment protection.
    B. Provides vehicles, equipment and operators for movement of personnel and supplies, assigns vehicles.
    C. Obtains the assistance of utility companies as required for emergency operations.
    D. Furnishes emergency power and lighting systems as required.
    E. Surveys habitable space and help relocate essential services and functions.
    F. Provides for storage of vital records at an alternate site; coordinates with building and area supervisors for liaison and necessary support.

    Director of Relations/Media Spokesperson:

    A. Shall be responsible for disseminating communications to external and internal media.
    B. Shall be responsible for establishment of the media center and serving media needs.
    C. Shall develop public statements, coordinate approval with policy directors and prepare or supervise preparation of written or electronic information that the college will disseminate to the public regarding the crisis or emergency.

    Associate V.P. of Human Resources

    A. Shall act as a liaison to employee groups, unions and individuals for the dissemination of information.
    B. Shall oversee and coordinate assistance to the employees via the Employee Assistance Program during and after the emergency.
    C. Shall oversee and coordinate benefits to employees impacted by the emergency

    Associate V.P. of Information Systems

    A. Provides the personnel and expertise necessary to maintain telephone or establish emergency landline communications services.
    B. Provides for the security and protection of computer and information systems.
    C. Provides for temporary computer and information services, which may be necessary to facilitate business procedures necessary and related to emergency purchases, personnel services and accounting.
    D. Activates the Information Systems Recovery Plan

    Dean of Students

    A. Serves as a liaison to students for the dissemination of information.
    B. Shall oversee and coordinate the protection, relocation and/or recovery of student records.


    A. Help assess persons with emotional and/or other life problems and provides necessary referrals or help to prevent conflicts or violence.
    B. Help counsel the campus community after a traumatic event.