• Emergency Response Guide
    Medical Assistance and First Aid

    The following guidelines shall govern the actions of Triton College employees or students requesting medical assistance for themselves or others in need.

    I. In the event that a student, visitor, or employee injures himself/herself or falls ill, the student or employee shall make every effort to assist that person in the following ways:

    A. TCPD shall be contacted @ Ext. 3206, 3207, 3208, by direct line (708) 456-6911, by TDD line (708) 452-8115, or by an emergency House Phone located on the interior and exterior of buildings. (*24 hours a day/ 7 days a week)

    (One may dial “911” for serious illness or injuries)


    B. The college nurse shall be contacted at Ext. 3344. Health Services is located in the southeast part of the College Center (C-112) (*limited hours available).
    C. The caller should remain calm and give the following information to the TCPD and/or the Nurse’s Office.
    1. Caller’s name and location

    2. Injured person’s exact location (must be specific)

    3. Injured person’s condition if known (i.e. fainted, bleeding)

    4. Caller should hold on the line until emergency services are dispatched and should return to the injured party and wait for assistance to arrive or as directed by the TCPD or Health Services personnel.

    II. TCPD and/or Health Services personnel shall render necessary aid and shall assess the situation and determine the need for further assistance (i.e. ambulance, additional manpower, etc.)