• Emergency Response Guide

    Power Failures

    Personnel should be aware that Triton College uses a co-generation system for its electrical power supply. This system allows the college to switch back and forth between Commonwealth Edison power and electrical power that is generated in-house.

    Normally, the transfer of power from one source to another is seamless. However, at times, there may be a delay in regaining power due to the amount of time necessary for the internal generators to start up.

    During a power failure, faculty, students and staff should remain in the building or classroom until power is restored or until directions are given to evacuate. Faculty and staff who are operating special equipment, such as science lab equipment, computers, equipment using electrical motors, etc., should shut down the equipment while waiting for power to be restored.

    If power is not restored within a reasonable amount of time, directives will be given to faculty, students and staff to evacuate or take other action.

    NOTE: Certain areas on campus, such as the IT Services Department, Engineers, Police, etc., have established procedures specific to their area of responsibility. During a power failure, these areas should activate their own internal plan to mitigate impact of the situation.