• Emergency Response Guide
    Radioactive, Dangerous, Hazardous Material

    Every student and employee should be aware of the following guidelines involving hazardous materials. The possibility of an incident involving hazardous material is not remote due to the 5th Avenue railroad use as routes for transportation of such materials. Also, material on campus, on their own or when combined with other material, can become hazardous.

    A. In the event of an incident involving hazardous materials, the following procedures should be followed:

    1. Contact the Triton Police Department at Ext. 3206, 3207, 3208, or at 456-6911 (direct line) or Emergency House Phone, dial 11. or dial 911.

    2. Segregate those who have been exposed to possible harmful material so that they can be evaluated by medical personnel.

    3. All exposed person(s) should remain together, but may move to an area of safety as a group.

    4. Do not remove any items from a contaminated area

    5. If not exposed, remain at least 500 yards from the area to avoid exposure.

    6. Do not eat, drink, or smoke in the area. Do not use food to drinking water that may have been in contact with the material from the incident.

    7. Provide police or fire personnel with information about the incident or the circumstances before, during, and after exposure. Assist police in their investigation and serve as a witness if requested to do so.

    8. Be prepared to surrender personal items, including clothing, until same can be decontaminated.